Roof Moss Removal – How Long Should You Wait?

When To Proceed With Roof Moss Removal I was just asked the other day whether a small amount of moss was currently harming a customer’s tile roof.   Essentially, they were asking when was it necessary to perform roof moss removal. id=”attachment_589″ align=”aligncenter” width=”448″ caption=”Determining when roof moss removal is necessary can be difficult.” As attractive as the opportunity for a project might be, I’ve never been one to sell fear just to obtain work.   And fear definitely can get pushed upon the unsuspecting homeowner.   Yet there is a critical determination to be made with any home maintenance project in terms of when to proceed.   Like most situations, deciding when to proceed with roof moss removal depends on perspective and objectives.   For these purposes, I’ll leave the entire issue of aesthetics out of the consideration, since it is a personal preference.

Various Types of Roof Moss Present in Portland

As this video show, on the same roof, there can different types of roof moss.   An experience roof cleaning contractor (we know a great one in Portland if you need a recommendation!) needs to know exactly how to approach each unique roof.    When an estimator from All Surface comes out to review your roof, they take many factors into consideration when determining how best to clean your roof.   They will chose a method that will both address your moss problem but yet be as gentle as possible.

Portland, Roof Moss Capital of the World!

That sounds like a tongue in cheek statement but in reality, you would be hard pressed to find a metropolitan area that consistently has more of the elements necessary for an abundance of roof moss. The often cloudy skies we have during long stretches of the year are a main contributor to Portland roof moss.

Steep Roofs – No Problem, We Clean Them All!

In my opinion, no one should ever be on a roof who in not very familiar with the safety requirements of doing so.    I say that not just to get more business but because ladder and roof falls are one of the leading household accidents involving trips to the emergency room every year. A low and mild pitched roof can be very dangerous.

Cedar Roofs – Treatment is GOOD but staining…not so good

Staining is just one method of treatment and not a very good one.   The objectives of maintaining a cedar roof are threefold:   Clean the roof, Preserve the wood, and Prevent moss.    No where can it found found that changing the color is a necessary goal. One of the main reasons roofs started getting stained was simply to hide another, less attractive color – green.   Copper Napthanate was commonly and still is used as a roof preservative.   Aside from it’s nasty smell and harshness on the enviroment, it is a good wood preservative.   Unfortunately, it is green.

Many Portland Oregon Home’s Have Cedar Shake Roofs

There seems to be pockets of the country where cedar shake roofs have been one of the original roofing choices. Usually, it resulted from a mix of nearby available natural resource and the climate of the area.   The Portland area was a natural match for both.  With an abundance of timber and a moderate climate, cedar was quickly enlisted as the material of choice, particularly on higher end homes. Recently, however, cedar has gotten a bad reputation in the Portland market.   Hundreds, maybe thousands, of homeowners convert away from cedar roofs yearly, due in part to their reluctance to replace one short lived roof with what they fear might be another. Cedar is still a good option for a new roof, but you need to chose wisely.   The problems with cedar roofs started in the 1970s and 1980s as drastic changes in the timber supply were occurring.   The bottom line is that lower grades of cedar started getting used.   This was coupled with builders, eager to profit from a boom after some difficult recessions in the past decade, did not pay enough attention to the quality of the roofing materials used.   There was a high demand for a particular, quality look that cedar provides to a home just when the supply of quality cedar was waning.

What to Look For in a Roof Cleaning Contractor

Another nice article I found online.   This one pertains to roof cleaning.   While it was obviously written with a perspective for the type of roof cleaning done in another part of the country, it is still relevant to the Portland Oregon market.   The principles of hiring a good roof cleaning contractor apply regardless of where you live. – Tom Roof cleaning contractors and services are springing up all across the eastern and southern United States to address the growing problem of roof algae stains, but you should know that not all of them are executing their service with the proper methods. Here’s a rundown of what qualities you should look for.

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