Roof Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Roofs are expensive and provide one of the most important functions of all your home’s components.  These roof maintenance tips include both tasks that might be able to done by the homeowner as well as some best left to a pro.  Regardless, all roof maintenance will help extend the life of your valuable roof.  Here are seven roof maintenance tips to extend the life of your roof. Debris Removal: Remove excess debris from the roof. Moss Removal: Treat the roof to remove moss. Exterior Roof Inspection: Visually inspect the roof. Roof Treatment: Treat your roof to prevent new moss from growing. Gutter Cleaning: Clear your gutters of debris, leaves and other materials. Interior Roof Inspection: A periodic inspection of your available attic space can be quite beneficial to extending your roof’s life. Tree Trimming: Trim back any branches that directly overhang the roof. Debris removal If getting rooftop is not within your comfort zone, you might be able to bring down some of the debris by washing downward with garden hose or pulling it down with yard rake from a “properly secured ladder”.  Note:  ladders can be every bit as dangerous as being rooftop if you are not familiar with proper ladder safety.  We recommend searching “ladder safety” on the Internet to learn the basics.

Update on the Portland Roof Cleaning Marketplace

One of many types of roof moss Understandably, everyone wants a positive story to tell prospective customers.   The problem is, sometimes for some companies, there isn’t much positive to tell.   In those cases, companies look at what they are able to offer, whether it is good or not, and market it as the best solution.  This is what is happening in the Portland roof cleaning market currently.

The Effects of an Improper Roof Cleaning

Sometimes it is easy to feel that the hard part of a home maintenance decision is over once we have decided that we are going to do it.  However, that is really only the start of the process.   After coming to terms that there is a problem with your mossy roof and you are going to get your roof cleaned, you then need to decide who is going to do the work and by what method the cleaning will be done.

Roof Moss Removal – How Long Should You Wait?

When To Proceed With Roof Moss Removal I was just asked the other day whether a small amount of moss was currently harming a customer’s tile roof.   Essentially, they were asking when was it necessary to perform roof moss removal. id=”attachment_589″ align=”aligncenter” width=”448″ caption=”Determining when roof moss removal is necessary can be difficult.” As attractive as the opportunity for a project might be, I’ve never been one to sell fear just to obtain work.   And fear definitely can get pushed upon the unsuspecting homeowner.   Yet there is a critical determination to be made with any home maintenance project in terms of when to proceed.   Like most situations, deciding when to proceed with roof moss removal depends on perspective and objectives.   For these purposes, I’ll leave the entire issue of aesthetics out of the consideration, since it is a personal preference.

Various Types of Roof Moss Present in Portland

As this video show, on the same roof, there can different types of roof moss.   An experience roof cleaning contractor (we know a great one in Portland if you need a recommendation!) needs to know exactly how to approach each unique roof.    When an estimator from All Surface comes out to review your roof, they take many factors into consideration when determining how best to clean your roof.   They will chose a method that will both address your moss problem but yet be as gentle as possible.

Portland, Roof Moss Capital of the World!

That sounds like a tongue in cheek statement but in reality, you would be hard pressed to find a metropolitan area that consistently has more of the elements necessary for an abundance of roof moss. The often cloudy skies we have during long stretches of the year are a main contributor to Portland roof moss.

Steep Roofs – No Problem, We Clean Them All!

In my opinion, no one should ever be on a roof who in not very familiar with the safety requirements of doing so.    I say that not just to get more business but because ladder and roof falls are one of the leading household accidents involving trips to the emergency room every year. A low and mild pitched roof can be very dangerous.

Cedar Roofs – Treatment is GOOD but staining…not so good

Staining is just one method of treatment and not a very good one.   The objectives of maintaining a cedar roof are threefold:   Clean the roof, Preserve the wood, and Prevent moss.    No where can it found found that changing the color is a necessary goal. One of the main reasons roofs started getting stained was simply to hide another, less attractive color – green.   Copper Napthanate was commonly and still is used as a roof preservative.   Aside from it’s nasty smell and harshness on the enviroment, it is a good wood preservative.   Unfortunately, it is green.

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