Residential Siding Washing & Cleaning Service in Portland Oregon

Siding washing can make an immediate impact on the look of your home.

However, the results of siding washing will vary greatly depending on your home’s type of siding. Different materials get dirty with different types of stains and pollutants. Additionally, the properties of various siding materials will greatly affect the results of cleaning. Finally, the method of siding wash, of which there are several, can affect the results.

Vinyl siding before washing

Vinyl siding BEFORE siding washing

Vinyl Siding Washing in Portland

Vinyl siding AFTER siding washing

Different Siding Materials, Different Siding Washing & Cleaning Methods.

The most common siding types in the Portland area are cedar (bevel, pattern, tongue and groove or shingle) and fiber cement (a composite product.) A fair amount of vinyl is also used in this area, as well as plywood-based products, stucco, brick, stone or cultured stone to a lesser degree. Aluminum and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) are only occasionally seen, which is fortunate in the case of EIFS, since it was a terrible choice for our environment. With such a diverse selection, you can see how the results may vary.

Vinyl siding, since it is a closed cell petroleum-based product, does not absorb much. Rather than having stains penetrate deep into it, vinyl siding tends to collect surface pollutants and organisms. As a result, it tends to get dirty more quickly than other siding types. However, the results, once properly cleaned, are virtually always drastic and beautiful.

More porous siding types, such as cedar or stucco, are completely different. With these materials, stains “soak in”, so to speak. Particularly once the paint starts aging and losing some of its protection capabilities, fungus and mildew begin to penetrate the surfaces. These siding types are usually a little slower to show dirt and grime. Due to the penetration of the pollutants, even a very thorough siding washing will often still leave embedded stains that are visible. The results are less spectacular when compared to the results of washing vinyl so it’s critical that expectations are reasonable.

Reasons and Methods For Siding Washing & Cleaning

We always like to understand the homeowner’s reason for wanting their siding washed so we can recommend the most appropriate type. A procedure that is in preparation for an upcoming paint job requires one particular method that relies primarily on pressure to do the cleaning. An abundance of mildew, fungus or general pollutants requires a completely different siding washing method which involves various cleaning solutions.

Yet another need for cleaning might simply be to knock down cobwebs and rinse off muddy rain splash up, for which a gentle rinsing may suffice. Whatever the reason and siding type, you want an exterior cleaning company that is highly experienced to prevent damage to your expensive siding and the landscape surrounding it. You want a company like All Surface! Contact us today for a free siding washing evaluation.