Soft Wash Cleaning Services for Your Home’s Roof

Soft washing is a gentle option for roof cleaning. It removes dangerous bacteria, algae and mildew from your roof without the abrasive effects. Soft washing isn’t right for every home, but if your roof requires a more delicate approach, it may be a good alternative for keeping your roof clean.

How Does Soft Washing Work?

One of our skilled roofing technicians will apply a biodegradable cleaner to your roof. The solution is left for several days attack harmful organic matter and ugly stains on your roof’s surface.

On a subsequent visit, we sweep brush and rinse the larger, dead moss away. In some cases, the technician may use a low-pressure wash to perform the rinse to ensure all loose materials are carefully removed.

The Benefits of Soft Washing Your Roof

Soft washing is one of the least intrusive methods we use to clean your roof. It’s best suited to asphalt roofs, especially older ones, where shingles may not stand up to a more aggressive method of cleaning.

The process was developed to remove moss, algae and algae stains from shingles without damaging them or compromising their warranty. While the process isn’t as effective in preventing the return of moss, it can be followed up with a moss preventative for that purpose.

Although soft washing is a delicate and effective method for removing organic material from your roof, it may require more frequent service depending on how quickly moss and algae grow.

Is Soft Washing Right for My Roof?

Left unchecked, moss can root into your home’s roof and compromise its ability to deflect the elements. Microorganism damage can significantly reduce the life span of your roof and diminish curb appeal.

If you have algae or moss build-up on your roof and you’re worried about further damage during the cleaning process, soft washing may be a good solution.

A professional roofing estimator can assess your roof and recommend the best option to clean your roof and extend its life. Soft washing isn’t the answer for every roof so you definitely want a professional onsite review. We can also recommend moss preventatives.

Reach Out to the Portland Roof Cleaning Experts

We service all types of roofs in the Pacific Northwest. Whether your home is covered by shingles, tiles or cedar shakes, we know how to best clean and restore your roof. Call us at 503-420-0031 or send us a message today to find out if soft washing or another method of roof maintenance is best for your home.