Composition Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal for Portland-Area Homeowners

Like any part of your home, you must keep your composition roof clean and maintain it properly for it to keep you warm and dry inside. It can be challenging, however, to see what is really happening on your roof’s surface. This is where an inspection by a roof expert becomes invaluable.


What It’s Like to Work With All Surface

At All Surface Cleaning, we personally visit and inspect each customer’s home before recommending a cleaning process and estimating the cost. Each cleaning project comes with its own unique considerations such as tree coverage, amount of sunlight, roof type, and condition of the roof and the structure.

Our professional inspection will alert you to any maintenance and repair issues that you should deal with before you clean the roof to avoid any additional damage during the process. We will always be honest with you about the condition of your roof, any repairs you may need (or not need) and the cost of the complete job.

In this part of the country, roofs are prone to gathering a few different varieties of moss. Each one requires a specific treatment. What will kill one type does not necessarily work well on another type.

For this reason, we will also tell you whether we need to treat the moss first and let the treatment settle in, before doing any cleaning or moss removal on your composition roof. Our professional roof cleaning inspectors will let you know which treatment and cleaning methods are the most cost-effective for your particular roof and the specific type of moss growing upon it.

What Can You Do to Protect a Composition Roof?

To extend your composition roof’s life, there are several things you can do in between visits from our professional roof cleaners and moss removal experts.

  • Inspect your roof. Take a quick walk around your house and look for anything unusual on occasion, and especially after a storm. If you see any branches hanging off the edges, your gutters look like they are blocked up with leaves, the shingles look like they are buckled, call a professional to take a look. Never climb on your roof without proper safety equipment.
  • Make sure your roof is dry on the surface. Moss and fungus typical to our part of the country will quickly make a nice home in the dampness. After a storm, remove dead branches and leaves sitting on the roof surface and anything else that blocks sunlight that can help the roof dry off after a rain shower. Only do this if you can do so safely; otherwise, leave this work to a professional.
  • Keep your gutters clean and make repairs earlier rather than later. Keeping the gutters clean will keep rainwater flowing away from the roof and out from underneath your shingles. Also, if you notice any damage to the gutter system or the roof, try to make the repairs as soon as possible. This may stop a small problem from turning into a much larger one.

Call Us to Learn More About Composition Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Services

Give our award-winning roof cleaners a call to talk about cleaning and moss removal options for your composition roof. We can advise you on whether you need to clean your roof, treat it first or make repairs. And we’ll give you an honest evaluation and offer a fair price for the work we suggest.

When you work with our team, you can rest assured knowing we will offer to you the respect, care and professionalism you deserve. Call 503-590-9274 for your free inspection and estimate today.