Pristine Cedar Roof Cleaning Services in Portland

A cedar roof is a great investment—one that will enhance the appearance and value of your home. Moreover, quality cedar roofing is often more durable than low-end asphalt shingles, extending the life of your roof by at least 10 years.

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Why Clean Your Cedar Shake Roof?

When you sell your home, having a clean cedar roof could help both with the amount you eventually receive and the time it takes to sell. While experts differ on the amount of value a cedar roof adds, almost all experts note that a cedar roof enhances curb appeal—something that is crucial to selling a house quickly and receiving the price you want.

But, to realize the benefits of cedar shake or shingle roofing, you must invest in roof maintenance. Maintaining your roof through acts such as regular cedar roof cleaning services can ensure that your initial investment pays off.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Cedar Roof?

How does a Portland-area homeowner maintain a cedar shake roof? Fortunately, you can do several things to protect your investment in this special type of roofing.

Inspect the roof. Walk around the house periodically, checking the roof for missing shakes, and identifying any signs of moss or fungus.

Keep it dry. Wet wood provides the perfect place for moss, lichen and fungus to grow. Keeping the roof dry does not mean that it should never get wet—after all, protecting inhabitants from the rain and wind is why houses have roofs. Rather, you need to make sure it can dry quickly after a rainstorm. You should:

  • Safely remove dead leaves and twigs; debris can harbor moisture
  • Cut back overhanging branches that keep the sun out.
  • Do not let vines grow on the roof; not only do vines prohibit drying, but also they can act to pull up the shingles or shakes.

Keep your gutters clean. If leaves and other debris block them, water can back up on the roof, limiting your ability to keep the roof dry.

Keep it clean. Regular and appropriate cleaning of your cedar shingle roof can significantly extend its life. This does not mean that you should rush out to rent a power washer, however. Improperly used, power washers can actually make a bad situation worse. The high pressure can crack the wood material and allow moisture to get into a shingle, causing it to rot. Cleaning a cedar roof is best left to the pros.

Make repairs quickly. When your inspection reveals loose or missing shingles, have the missing pieces replaced as soon as possible. Like cedar roof cleaning, repairing a cedar roof is best left to those with the correct tools, equipment and experience.

Call All Surface Cleaning for Cedar Roof Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Protect your investment. If you have a cedar roof, we can help keep it beautiful for many years to come. At All Surface Cleaning, our roofing professionals will provide roof cleaning, moss removal and preventive treatment appropriate for your beautiful cedar shingle or shake roof. To learn more about how to properly clean your cedar roof, call our Tigard, Oregon, office at (503) 590-9274 or use our online form to request a free consultation and estimate.