Rain Gutter Screen Installation Service in Portland

Gutter screens and filters can be a great way to eliminate or reduce one of life’s least favorite chores. We have one of the best gutter protection solutions in Portland.

GutterFlow Needle and Leaf Barrier

GutterFlow Needle and Leaf Barrier

All Surface offers our own brand of gutter protection – GutterFlow Needle and Leaf Barrier. This great system uses an entirely different method than most other protection systems. It works on the principle of displacement. There is nowhere for the debris to go because the gutters are filled with this very porous material. It allows for your gutters to function as intended – keep rainwater flowing into your downspout and away from your home’s foundation.

GutterFlow is made from a very durable material – exterior grade, open cell polyethylene, formed with UV protectant and mildewcide incorporated right into it. It is ideal for the mixed types of debris that are so common here in the Pacific Northwest. Pine needles as well as leaves are prevented by this system from entering your gutters, keeping them debris free!

Affordable Gutter Screens

Gutter Screens

For those who are looking for a lower-cost alternative, we also offer gutter screen installation service for vinyl, snap-in screens. While these do not offer the same level of protection as GutterFlow, in some situations they can be a reasonable solution. Screens do allow some smaller debris to fall into the gutter, thus still requiring period cleaning. However, they can help to reduce the frequency of cleanings.

An important fact we always tell our customers is that just because you have a gutter protection system, ours or a different brand, you do not get to ignore everything above your gutter line from that point forward. All systems will still accumulate a small amount of debris on top that need to be periodically removed. Your roof, being one of the larger cost components in your house will still need to have debris periodically removed from it.

Additionally, there are certain roof situations that will cause occasional overflow on any gutter protection system available. Long, steep roof valleys are a common area for some occasional overflow in the heaviest rains. Unlike many other companies, we would rather have you be aware of such possibilities up front so you can have the best possible set of expectations.

If your are ready to solve your gutter cleaning problems, learn more about our GutterFlow system, The Impenetrable Needle and Leaf Barrier.