Gutter Repair Service in Portland Oregon

Gutter repair service

One of the most rare types of gutter problems – The Gutter Frog!

Gutter repair needs can take the form of many problems. The bottom line is that they all impede your gutter system from doing what it is meant to do: drain rainwater safely from your roof to an area (either sewer system, landscape or nearby green-space) away from your home’s foundation.

Here are some commonly encountered situations that require gutter repair service in Portland:

  • Broken or split seams.
  • Holes or cracks.
  • Loose or leaking downspout drops.
  • Broken downspout elbows.
  • Loose gutters (pulling away from the house.)
  • Mis-graded gutters.
  • Lack of downspouts for the length of gutters involved.

Some of these are quite simple repairs while others can be very involved. Regardless of the gutter or downspout problem, we handle virtually all gutter repairs. Here is a video of a gutter repair done recently.

Learn more about the signs that your gutters need repair.

One of the most common gutter repairs is no repair at all!

Often, we get calls from homeowners thinking that their gutters might need repairing as a result of water leaking and dripping from them. Upon inspection, we find that the only problem is that the gutters are full of debris, causing water to overflow and drip from the gutter. A good thorough gutter cleaning, done on a periodic basis, is all that is needed to keep the gutters flowing and functioning.

There are a couple of situations to be aware of that often are not worth repairing. The first is when gutters start to rust. Once severe rust starts, there is really very little repair worth pursuing. Some repairs won’t even work with rusting gutters since caulks and sealants won’t adhere well to rusting metal. The other is when the gutters are made of plastic or vinyl. Because these systems both warp over the years from heat and have been made in a myriad of sizes and styles, repairs are extremely difficult and usually unsuccessful. As a general rule, we don’t repair plastic or vinyl gutter systems.

Usually, once a metal gutter system is heavily rusted or a plastic system starts to crack or lose parts, your only option is full replacement. Of course, we can help you with that project as well. We can look at your gutter problem today!