Professional Deck Restoration Service in Portland

Some decks need just a straightforward cleaning and reapplication of stain.  Job done.  Other decks, however, might need a little more work to regain the luster they originally had.

Deck Restoration Service

Deck in Need of Restoration

Various Components of Deck Restoration Service

Restoring your wood deck, in addition to cleaning and re-staining it, may additionally involve brightening, resetting nails, stripping, buffing, board replacement and sanding.   Most decks only require standard cleaning, brightening and refinishing, with some requiring partial restoration (stripping, possibly buffing.)  Very few require full restoration.

Deck Sanding

We do not recommend sanding as an ordinary means of the regular, periodic deck refinishing process.  In addition to being a lot of effort and expensive, it removes too much wood to be done frequently.  It is best left as an option of last resort for when there are serious topical issues, such as deep scratches.  Another practical problem with sanding is that with more complex decks, such as those with railings, benches, stairs and such, is that the numerous tight corners, nooks, and crannies can never get fully and properly sanded, leaving unattractive remnants of the old stain.  This is often most noticeable in the 1/8″ to 3/16″ between deck boards.  That can be disappointing when spending a lot of money on deck rejuvenation. We offer only limited sanding options and again, it is not to be used as a primary means of refinishing decks.

Deck Board Replacement

Regarding board replacement, care needs to be taken to note the specific type of board to be replaced.  You would be surprised at how many board types are used in deck construction. While we are always happy to provide an estimate for replacing a few rotten or damaged top boards, we never like to over step our specialty.  Any structural work or fancy cut boards are best left to a business with professional carpentry and deck construction skills.

Fortunately, 99% of the decks we encounter can be restored to beauty with either a standard deck refinishing process or limited restoration.  If you know you want your deck to look beautiful but aren’t sure what it will require, give us a call for a free evaluation.