Professional Deck Cleaning Services in Portland

Caring for your deck doesn’t only make it look nice. Proper deck care can result in a deck that lasts longer due to the removal of mold, dirt, mildew and other debris. To keep your deck beautiful and safe for your family, you must clean it periodically.

Make That Deck Shine with Professional Deck Cleaning Services by All Surface Cleaning

All Surface Cleaning delivers expert deck cleaning services to homeowners throughout the Portland metro area. How do we do it? We first determine what type of deck you have, such as the more common cedar or treated fir, or possibly composite or exotic hardwood. Each type requires a unique cleaning process.

Once we determine the type, we use our various cleaning materials to remove dust, moss, dirt and debris from the surface of your deck.

Cleaning Agents vs. Power Washing

There are two main methods used to clean a deck: Cleaning agents and power washing. In the first case, we can apply a cleaning agent and hand brush grime away. Or, if the grime is resistant, we can use our power washing service to remove it.  Ultimately, a combination of the two provides the best results.

Although you may consider attempting to clean your deck yourself, you must know that power washing takes practice and skill. If you don’t use the correct power washer or method, the result may be a deck with visible wash marks. With over 15 years of experience, you can trust the team at All Surface Cleaning to deliver spotless deck cleaning.

Important: Deck Cleaning Isn’t Refinishing

It’s important to note that deck cleaning is just that: Cleaning. We scrub and shine to remove dirt and debris from your deck. If you want to revitalize and refinish your deck with a new coat of stain, that’s a different process. And of course, we offer refinishing too.

Why Choose All Surface Cleaning to Clean Your Deck?

All Surface Cleaning is dedicated to delivering solid workmanship and professionalism at a fair price. Whatever your deck needs, we can provide.

  • Protect your family and pets with our “green” clean: Many of our deck cleaning products are environmentally friendly, safe for use around your children and pets.
  • Trust our award-winning cleaning services: We’re listed as an Elite Service provider with Home Advisor. We’ve also won awards such as the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Plus, with plenty of customer reviews, you can trust our service.
  • Experience our team’s customer-first approach: No matter what we do, we put our customers first. Our team cares about you and your family and it shows in our service.

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