Exterior Home Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Portland

At All Surface Cleaning in Portland, we’re here to help you keep your home safe, clean and secure, now and in the future. We offer exterior home cleaning and maintenance services for projects involving roofs, decks, gutters, siding and more.

If you want to keep the outside of your home looking its best and remaining in its best shape, we encourage you to reach out to our company for a free estimate. We serve the greater Portland metro area.

Why Choose All Surface Cleaning Company for Your Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Services?

You will receive the absolute “Best Overall Customer ExperienceSM.”

With over 2,000 local reviews across all rating platforms, you can trust that your choice to get a quote from All Surface will:

  • Preserve Your Time
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  • Preserve Your Home and Peace of Mind

We take great pride in the high level of professionalism we bring to our work. We ensure that every one of our crew members is trained properly and follows best practices and new trends in home exterior cleaning, repair and maintenance standards. We pledge to:

  • Use the highest-grade materials. We don’t cut corners.
  • Finish the job in a timely manner. We do everything we can to meet deadlines.
  • Offer superior and informed customer service and follow-up. We treat customers with the respect they deserve.

Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Exterior to Enhance its Value

How your home looks on the outside can be as important as how well it functions for your family. Not only does visual appeal increase your happiness in your home, it also increases your home’s value and the overall appeal of your neighborhood.

To help you keep your home in good condition while also increasing its overall curb appeal, our team is here to help with a variety of exterior home cleaning and outside maintenance projects:

Roof Cleaning Services

  • Roof cleaning: Extend your roof’s life by having it periodically maintained. We have a custom cleaning solution for your roof.
  • Roof moss removal: Moss is the number one cause in the Pacific Northwest for needing roof maintenance. Aside from being unsightly, it can cause serious problems.
  • Roof treatment: Once a roof has been cleaned, regardless of method, a roof treatment should be applied. A proper treatment will kill the remnant of smaller moss left behind.
  • Soft wash roof cleaning: Soft washing is a gentle option for roof cleaning. It removes dangerous moss, lichen, and algae from your roof without the abrasive effects.

Gutter Services

  • Gutter cleaning: Numerous problems such roof leaks, siding rot, erosion, foundation seepage and basement flooding, and pest infestations can all be prevented by gutter cleaning.
  • Gutter repairs: Often, simple gutter repairs can keep your gutter system working for years to come rather than replacing it prematurely.
  • Gutter screening and filters: With proper expectations, gutter protection, can help reduce maintenance. We offer a range of solutions, from simple to industry-best.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Siding washing: Siding makes up a huge portion of your home’s exterior appearance. Clean siding makes your home look like your castle again.
  • Power washing: Driveways, walkways, patios and retaining walls all benefit from looking cleaner and having slippery moss and algae removed.

Deck Services

  • Deck refinishing: Decks are a wonderful way to enhance your outdoor living. Both beautify and help preserve your deck with periodic refinishing.
  • Deck restoration: Some decks need just a straightforward cleaning and reapplication of stain. Job done. Other decks, however, might need a little more work to regain the luster they originally had.

What You Can Expect: Respectful, Real Value, Peace of Mind

=>The Best Overall Customer ExperienceSM

When you reach out to request an estimate on an exterior project, we’ll promptly schedule one of our professionals to come evaluate your property. Our goal during this evaluation is to pinpoint potential concerns and solutions, provide preventative maintenance recommendations, and answer any questions you may have while we are on site.

Once the assessment is complete, we will deliver to you a complete proposal for services—without hidden costs or opportunities for add-ons in the future. We quote fair, reasonable prices, and we deliver our services with the highest level of integrity.

Call All Surface Cleaning to Extend the Life of Your Roof & Home

Since 2003, your neighbors have been counting on our family-owned business to provide trustworthy and fair estimates and the highest-quality work. Learn how our services have helped countless families and business owners extend the life of their roofs, and how we now help you do the same. Contact us online or call us today at (503) 590-9274 to request your free estimate.