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Transparent Deck & Fence Stain Colors Available

Transparent stains are by far the most popular and common deck stain type applied here in the Portland Oregon area.   While being a little shorter lived that other stain types, they let the most wood grain show through and result in the most beautiful deck finish.  We work with only the best, longest lasting stains — take a look at our popular colors.

Custom Stain - Heart Redwood Custom Stain - Redwood Custom Stain - Century Redwood Custom Stain - Red Cedar
Heart Redwood Redwood Century Redwood Red Cedar
Custom Stain - Valley Custom Stain -Natural Custom Stain - Cedar Custom Stain - Canyon Brown
Valley Natural Cedar Canyon Brown

Semi-Transparent Deck & Fence Stain Colors Available

The semi-transparent stain All Surface uses is still a penetrating oil finish.   It is best suited for either older decks or decks showing much wear and tear where the extra pigment particles in the stain help cover a few more imperfections.  With semi-transparent, more of the wood grain gets covered by this extra pigment but plenty is still visible enough to still see the beauty of the wood.  See the range of semi-transparent colors.

Semi-Solid Deck & Fence Stain Colors Available

Semi-solid stains are latex based, just like a solid exterior stain.   They will look much more like a solid stain than a transparent.   Only a small amount of the wood’s grain will be visible.   Semi-solid is best left for decks that either have been seriously abused or when you are desiring a unique look that is just a little short of a full-on solid stain.  Please be aware that similar to solid stains, once you apply a semi-solid, you usually can not strip the deck back to bare wood and need to continue with semi-solid or solid stain from that point forward.   See the range of semi-solid stain colors.

Solid Deck & Fence Stain Colors Available

Solid stains are latex based and look virtually identical to exterior house paint.   No wood grain will show through as they are complete opaque.   Some of the texture of the wood may show through, depending on the specific wood.   Solid stains have the possibility of lasting longer than other types of stains.  However, unlike transparent and semi-transparent stains, solid stains do not dissipate or fade away over time but rather chip or peel.  Therefore, a deck where the majority of the stain still has ample life left in it may nonetheless experience some chipping or peeling in spots.   Also, solid stains can not be effectively stripped off of a deck, so realize that once you apply one, you need to continue with solid stains from that point forward.  View the variety of solid stains.

Note: These are the best computer representations of product colors, but the wood type as well as many other factors greatly influences the final color of stains and finishes.   Please be aware that actual applied colors will vary from brochures and samples.   This is beyond our control and you are responsible for all costs associated with desired color changes.

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