Why Should You Soft Wash a Roof?

Getting your roof cleaned is important to preserve the integrity of your home, and soft washing may be your best choice. Soft washing your roof can save you the expensive cost of roof replacement and restore your roof to its former glory.

Soft washing is a roof cleaning technique that uses soft manual agitation, air blowing, and biodegradable solutions to clear your roof of debris, and organic growth, most notably, the moss and lichen that are so common to the Portland-Vancouver Metro areas. It has become the preferred roof cleaning method for informed homeowners and All Surface customers.

Benefits of Soft Washing a Roof

Soft washing increases the longevity of your roof and saves you money in the long run. And this is just the beginning of the benefits you may experience when soft washing your roof.

Results in Energy Savings

Roofs that have darkened from stains and pollutants absorb more sunlight and heat. During summer, you’re more likely to blast your air conditioner to battle the extra heat. Getting your roof soft washed may help diminish your cooling costs during the warm months.

Gets Rid of Pests

When you remove all that nasty moss and algae, you also take away habitats for unwelcome pests. They’re less likely to make your roof into their nesting place if it’s clean and free of organisms, dirt, and debris.

Keeps Your Home Beautiful

Dirty roofs are a huge eyesore. Few homeowners realize that typically 30-50% of the front view of your home is of the roof! Unfortunately, roofs can easily gather pollutants and debris from wind, storms and even nearby construction sites. Removing all the filth, moss, lichen, algae, twigs, leaves, and needles will restore your roof to its former glory.

Helps Keep You & Your Family Healthy

Moss and lichen can spread like wildfire, especially in rainy and damp climates. Roofs covered in moss retain unnecessary moisture which, if left unaddressed over many years, can lead to dampness in living spaces below. Soft washing your roof will prevent this growth from spreading and help keep you safe from unexpected interior dampness issues that can harm you and yours.

It’s an Eco-Friendly Solution

Soft washing will clean your roof while not putting any harmful elements into your surrounding environment. That’s because the solutions used are quickly biodegradable.

Why Soft Washing Is Better Than Pressure Washing

Regular pressure washing might be an inferior option for cleaning your roof. It blasts high-pressure water at your roof to clear it of moss and debris. This harsher method can cause damage to your shingles or tiles and aggravate any existing weaknesses.

Soft washing is a gentler approach. A combination of manual agitation, air blowing, and treatment solutions are used to clean every nook and cranny of your shingles or tiles. It’s effective against organic growth like moss and algae and doesn’t risk damage to your roof.

At All Surface, our SoftClean™ process is a combination of eco-friendly solutions, brooming sweeping and air blowing. We ensure your roof’s integrity is preserved while giving it the best cleaning protection possible. Plus, our team are not just window washers or gutter cleaners but trained roof maintenance techs. Well review your roof for any unexpected issues.

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