When Is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Roof cleaning is important for protecting your roof from damage. Tree debris, moss and algae can threaten the integrity of your roof, leading to wood rot and the potential for leaks. But how often should you have your roof cleaned? That depends.

How often you schedule your roof cleaning depends on several factors such as the type of roof you have, the type of debris you need to be cleaned and the environment surrounding your roof.

Below, you’ll find two basic recommendations. If you find that a storm results in a lot of debris overnight or you notice moss after a really wet spring season, however, don’t wait. Reach out to a professional for help.

For Tree Limbs & Debris, Clean Your Roof Annually

If your home is surrounded by trees and tree limbs, leaves, needles, or other debris are often a cause for concern, we recommend having your roof cleaned annually at minimum. Tree debris can result in excess water on your roof that may lead to water damage and leaks. It’s best to have the debris removed as soon as possible.

For Moss & Algae Removal, Clean Your Roof Every Few Years

If your home is susceptible to moss and algae growth, we recommend a cleaning and preventative treatment every few years. Moss and algae will commonly grow in the shaded and cool areas of your roof. And unfortunately, it can lead to wood rot. It can also stop water from flowing off your roof which can lead to serious water damage.

What Does Moss & Algae Look Like?

Moss often starts as a dusting of green around your roof. Over time, the moss grows and starts to thicken and can range from bright green to pale green. Algae looks a bit different. It’s often flat and may look like stains or streaks on your roof. Both moss and algae often appear together, however they can also be found alone.

Why You Should Hire a Roof Cleaning Professional

You might be tempted to try and clean your roof yourself. However, you should leave the cleaning to a professional. Roof cleaning is dangerous and requires specific tools and treatments for the best results.

At All Surface Cleaning, our goal is to provide value. We ensure you receive the highest quality work for a fair price. Since 2003, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners protect their homes through roof cleaning.

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