craftsman-house-new-roofRoof Life Expectancy – How Long Should My Roof Last?

The life expectancy of a roof varies based on many factors, most notably the type of materials used. Asphalt or composition shingle roofs can last between 15 and 40+ years depending on their quality, design, and the quality of installation. Other materials, such as tile roofs have expected life spans of 50+ years while cedar roofs can range from 30-50 years depending on shake thickness and quality. Of course, these estimates are based on average conditions—there are many factors that can reduce or extend the life expectancy of a roof, including the elements, dirt and debris, quality of installation and maintenance practices.

Factors That Determine the Life Expectancy of a Roof

The Elements

Your roof is exposed to a wide range of weather conditions each day. UV exposure, rain, hail, high winds and snow all take their toll on shingles, gutters and sheeting. While no one can control the weather, there are things you can do to minimize the elements’ impact on your roof’s lifespan. Be sure to inspect your roof after heavy storms. Repair and replace any shingles damaged by hail, and remove large accumulations of snow whenever necessary.

Dirt and Debris

Roof in need of of much maintenance - debris, moss, gutters all need cleaning, treating and inspection

Roof in need of of much maintenance – debris, moss, gutters all need cleaning, treating and inspection

Foreign objects and material have the potential to reduce the life span of your roof. Branches, moss, leaves and even Frisbees can cause damage to shingles. Even a small tear in a single shingle can allow water to penetrate below the surface of your roof, leading to rot and costly replacement expenses. Remove any branches, leaves or foreign objects that make their way onto your roof. Also, be sure to address any accumulation of dirt or leaves in your gutters and on your roof’s surface to allow for proper water drainage.

Quality of Installation

A roof that is installed properly by skilled professionals using quality materials will likely last for years to come. Whenever considering a roof repair or replacement, be sure to consult a professional and research the products you intend to use. Spending a bit more up front will likely pay off in the long run. A poorly and incorrectly installed roof can not only cause premature failure but can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

A Clean Roof is a Lasting Roof

A proactive approach to maintenance and cleaning will help to extend the life of your roof. The cleaner your roof is, the more likely it will be to function as designed, and the less likely damage and weaknesses become. We offer a wide range of services designed to help you extend the life of your roof and avoid the hefty cost of a full replacement. Our services run the gamut from hand brushing to chemical applications. Whatever your roof cleaning needs may be, we have a solution and a service to meet them.