In my opinion, no one should ever be on a roof who in not very familiar with the safety requirements of doing so.    I say that not just to get more business but because ladder and roof falls are one of the leading household accidents involving trips to the emergency room every year.

A low and mild pitched roof can be very dangerous.

The danger of one story, mild pitched roof is often much more that a steep roof with a several story drop off.   Why?   Because the seemingly “easy” roof to be upon lures many unsuspecting and improperly trained individuals, whether homeowner or handyman, to climb on up.   Not many of those same folks would ever think about accessing a roof like the one shown below.

safely walking on roof


One slip can result in very serious consequences.   In a weak economy, many unskilled individuals are tempted to offer roof cleaning services, even if they are not properly trained, licensed or insured for such work.  All Surface has been cleaning Portland roofs since 2003 and every employee receives safety training before ever setting foot on a roof.   Additionally, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured which is very important if an accident ever does occur.   An accident by an uninsured individual can result in a financial disaster for a homeowner. My recommendation is to play it safe whenever ladders or roofs are involved – Let Portland’s highest rated roof cleaning Pros handle the job for you!