Take a look at this refinished deck!

The best part about refinishing your deck is that not only are you maintaining and protecting your investment, but you are also beautifying your outdoor living space!  Some decks require a complete stripping of the previous stain prior to re-staining while others can suffice with just cleaning and refinishing.  That’s the benefit of having one of our experienced All Surface estimators evaluate your deck and help you make the best decision for both your deck and pocketbook!

What our team did:
✔️Power washing
✔️Application of a brightener
✔️Protecting surrounding areas – light masking or tarping
✔️Applying a fresh coat of of transparent deck stain
✔️Clean up better than we found it!


Now all that’s left is the homeowner’s task  – enjoy their refreshed deck!

Call us today – a couple deck refinishing slots have opened back up – before it’s too late!