Look how this mossy roof was gently transformed back to cleanliness, attractiveness, and primed for longevity!

At first you might not consider roof maintenance and moss removal to be a super exciting home improvement, but once your roof is brought back to being moss-free, you’ll likely join virtually all our other customers who are happy with their great looking roof.  To do roof cleaning right, your patience is required.  But with proper expectations our customers understand – it took years for your roof to get mossy so it’s worth waiting a few more months for it to be gently renewed.

You can always count on your All Surface estimating team to evaluate and determine which is the best roof maintenance process for your unique roof and then our skilled team to treat your roof with the care and concern you would yourself (if you really wanted to get up there…)

This job was performed with using our industry best SoftCleanTM process

What our team did:
✔️Harnessed up and anchored off to be safe
✔️Gently broom swept off between 40-80% of original moss volume
✔️Air blew dislodged moss and debris off roof
✔️Cleaned out gutters
✔️Flushed gutters and downspouts
✔️Reviewed roof for items of concern (our complimentary Roof Tune-Up)
✔️Applied our SoftCleanTM treatment
✔️Returned in approximately 2 months and gently swept away moss remnant to 90-95% of original volume (note: if you’re willing to be very patient, you can wait for nature to handle this step by itself in several months)
✔️Re-cleaned gutters as needed
✔️Cleaned up better than we found it
✔️Hauled away all roof and gutter debris


You are left with a clean roof that you can feel proud of as well as the comfort of knowing you helped extend your roof’s life.

Call us today – your moss problem wont get any better by itself so take action today to save your roof and money.

P.S. Did we mention warranties?  We provide industry best outright moss warranties (not prorated like most others.)