What you Should Consider while Interviewing Prospective Roof Contractors in Portland

It is virtually impossible to get away from rain, particularly living in Portland. The problem is, many people do not realize the extensive amount of damage that rain can cause to your roof over time. Regardless of rain, hail or snow, it can cause extensive damage to your roof if it is able to get underneath the shingles. This moisture will then collect, and eventually it will start running.

This will lead to extensive damage, particularly if you do not take care of it right away.

Also, moisture in your roof can lead to mold, moss and mildew, which is very damaging to your roof and your health. This makes it important for you to keep an eye on your roof, because rain can actually damage your roof in a variety of ways. Anytime you have a roof nail that you can see, flashing that is exposed, or you have experienced wind or hail damage you are unaware of, it provides an opportunity for rain and other moisture to seep into your roof, and cause extensive damage, grow moss and more. So, you’ll want to have a professional provide you with the services, to make sure that your roof is in proper shape, and that you do not have any moss or deterioration in your roof that will allow moss, algae and mold to grow.

Moss on Portland and Northwest Roofs

Living in the Northwest, your house is prone to an extensive amount of rain and other water damage opportunities. Therefore, you want to contact a licensed roofer, to check out your roof occasionally, to ensure that it has not sustained any damage from wind, hail or other weather related problems. In addition, if your roof has been damaged for any reason, or you are missing any shingles, you will want have a professional come in and do these repairs for you. This is vital to the integrity of your home, because water damage can spread so quickly, and can cause leaks to reappear continually, as well as cost an extensive amount of money over a very short period of time. In addition to damage from rain and other issues with your roof, there is also a very common problem in Portland, which is roof moss. There is a variety of reasons why you would want to have roof moss removal performed, which are financial, aesthetic and technical.

The financial reasons can include a home inspection, and because the accumulation of moss on your roof can actually cause the water to back up in certain areas of your roof and caused the roof to leak. Clumps of moss can actually roll off of your roof into your rain gutters and clog them, causing the gutters overflow and potentially damage the foundation of your home. It also plugs the downspouts, creating a flood issue for homes with basements. Many insurance companies require that you have the roof moss removed from your home, or they will no longer carry you on a policy, and often home inspectors will tell you the roof moss is a serious problem that must be eliminated, prior to selling. Moss also holds the moisture in, and prevents your roof from drying out, causing faster deterioration of your roof than it otherwise would have.

Aesthetically, you’ll want to take advantage of roof moss removal because you want your house to look good, which is always a good idea. On the more technical side, any time you have moss on your roof, you’ll not be able to accurately tell what shape your roof is in. This is extremely important, because if you cannot see the damage to your roof, it can further damage the infrastructure of your home, costing an extensive amount of money in repairs. Moss also hangs onto dirt on your roof and other plants are able to eat, thus increasing the growth, dirt, moisture holding and damage. Roofs that are continually moist will tend to lose more ceramic granules and those that are dry, causing your roof to wear out faster, and potentially voiding your roof’s warranty. In addition, moss will eventually decay, but provides the most fertile environment for new moss to grow, making it increasingly difficult to alleviate this issue. For this reason, you will want to contact the professionals that you can trust at All Surface Cleaning Company for roof moss removal Portland, Oregon.