Metal roofs are by far the least common roof type in the Portland Metro area.  That being said, they still require cleaning like all other types.  While metal roofs have their own strong advantages, they also have their own unique set of difficulties and disadvantages.

One of the primary disadvantages of a metal roof is the inability to safely be rooftop.

With even a minor amount of moisture, a metal roof can be as as slippery as ice.  Additionally, they are not easy roofs to readily anchor to. Metal roofs should not be penetrated unnecessarily, therefore customized equipment is needed.

Metal roofs cleaning is not only best left to a professional, but a company that has a lot of experience in cleaning metal roofs specifically.  All Surface Cleaning Company is able to clean approximately 90% of the metal roofs that we encounter.

Watch this video to learn more about the process.  Whatever you do, strongly consider NOT doing this type of work yourself – it is just too dangerous.


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