You are far from alone if you’ve noticed moss growing on your roof in the Portland area. Our damp climate promotes the growth and spread of several different types of moss.

Most roof types are vulnerable to moss growth. Once moss takes hold, it holds on tightly and accumulates quickly. But how seriously should it concern you? If you let the problem slide for a while, are you risking extensive roof damage and staggering repair or replacement costs?

At All Surface Cleaning, we answer these and other roof moss damage questions nearly every day. We know that Oregon homeowners must prioritize maintenance projects based on urgency level, risks and their budgets. Our roof cleaning and maintenance professionals offer clear answers based on many years of hands-on experience.

You Want Straight, Honest Answers?

Do you want to know if roof moss is harmful? Here’s straight answer for you: Yes, roof moss can be a serious and costly problem. Here are just a handful of reasons why:

• Moss takes hold on a roof by extending rhizoids, which are strong root-like tendrils that keep it from blowing off or washing away in the rain.
• Roof moss rhizoids gradually lift shingles, creating cracks and crevices that allow moisture to get underneath them. This can ultimately cause roof leaks and rotting of the wood underneath.
• Once large enough, moss can cause water to dam up in micro-sections of the roof, creating the risk of potential leaks.
• A roof moss problem can lead to other issues such as mold growth and increased accumulation of other debris.
Once moss invades your roof and progresses, it can be extremely challenging to kill and remove.

Confronting Your Roof Moss Problem Now Could Save You Thousands Later

Roof moss is an unattractive nuisance. It also poses a real threat to the structural integrity of your roof and home. But there is some good news. We know a lot about different types of moss and the roof cleaning methods that work best on each of them—from scraping and brushing to a range of treatments.

You can count on our team at All Surface Cleaning to:

• Analyze the extent of your roof moss problem thoroughly and provide clear guidance on your options for dealing with it.
• Make sound recommendations based on a full assessment of your roof type and its age, specific moss problems and ongoing maintenance needs.
• Propose methods of removing and preventing roof moss that will get the job done without doing collateral damage.

Want Peace of Mind About Your Roof’s Condition? We Can Provide That.

Trying to deal with a roof moss problem on your own can be fruitless and even dangerous—mossy roofs are slippery roofs! We offer free estimates and stand behind all of our cleaning and maintenance services. To learn more about why roof moss is bad for your roof, as well as what you can do about it, give us a call at (503) 590-9274.