Steep, custom tile roof cleaning jobHow do you remove moss from your roof?

  1. Determine the kind of moss growing on your roof.
  2. Know exactly what type of roofing material you have, how old it is and if there is any existing damage.
  3. Choose the right combination of cleaning and rinsing agents and the cleaning method based upon your roof type and the type moss growing on it.

We recommend a three-step, targeted approach to safely and thoroughly removing moss from your roof. Since not all moss is the same, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine the kind of moss growing on the roof. Believe it or not, different kinds of moss require different treatments. Second, it is important to know exactly what kind of roofing material you have, how old it is and whether there is any existing damage to the shingles or underlayment. Then, once you know the answers to those questions, you’ll be better able to choose the right combination of cleaning and rinsing agents and the cleaning method.

Not all roof surfaces can handle strong detergents or the pressure from power washers. Too much pressure or directing the spray in the wrong direction can cause more damage to your roof surface than the moss growing on it. Make sure you understand how to use a power washer before standing on your roof.

When Should You Remove Roof Moss?

The sooner you can treat moss growth, the better. Obviously, moss proliferates rapidly in our part of the country because of weather conditions and limited sunshine in winter, especially on north-facing surfaces. Left untreated for any amount of time could lead to even worse conditions.

Why Should Moss Be Removed from Your Roof?

Moss is a living organism. In the right environment, it will continue to send out rhizomes and spread into all the nooks and crannies in your shingles. Eventually, moss can cause serious damage to the most durable roofing material. Multiplying moss mounds will dam up water on your roof and reroute draining water into places where you don’t want it to go.

How Do You Safely Remove Roof Moss?

Working on a rooftop is no easy job. And when the rooftop is covered, even slightly in moss, the surface can be very slippery. Also, moss growth may be difficult to see. It has been the cause of many roofing accidents and injuries for inexperienced homeowners. When working on a rooftop, it is best to anchor yourself properly and securely. You’ll need a rope and lanyard system that attaches to a full body harness.

Consider Calling a Pro

We understand do-it-yourselfers—you gain a great feeling of accomplishment and you save money. But when it comes to working on rooftops in slippery, dangerous conditions, it is best to let an experienced professional handle the job. We have the equipment and expertise to safely remove moss in an environmentally-friendly way so you don’t have to risk your life up on your roof. We also have spent years developing the most effective treatments for each kind of moss.

Want to know the best part about hiring a professional roof cleaner? You’ll find that over the long run, professionally removing the moss is a very cost-effective decision. Call us at (503) 570-7663 to learn more or to schedule a free estimate and inspection.