Over time, our decks can succumb to the elements, resulting in a lackluster appearance. Dirt, grime, and moss, among other things, can start to take over. To preserve the beauty of your deck, you may need to redo it from time to time with a fresh coat of stain.

Preparing for a Fresh Coat of Stain vs. Stripping Old Stain

There are two methods to redoing your deck: Preparing for a fresh coat of stain or stripping off the old stain and replacing it with a fresh coat. Which is best? It depends on the condition of your deck.

Most high-quality stains will allow you to subsequently re-stain a few times before stripping. This is why it’s critical to choose a stain that can be re-stained over time. If your deck is relatively new and in good condition, you might be able to simply add a fresh coat.

Adding a Fresh Coat

To start, you’ll need to wash and brighten your deck without stripping before you stain. This is possible by using a deck cleaning agent and a hand brush. If heavier duty cleaning is required, you may need a professional to power wash your deck before staining.

Stripping Your Deck

If your deck has been stained numerous times, it’s probably due for a stripping. To do so, you’ll need to put down a deck stripper. You’ll also need to agitate the wood manually to help lift the current stain. Stain strippers often bring out the tannins within the wood, resulting in darkening. That’s why, after rinsing the deck stripper, you’ll need to then apply a brightener.
After the brightener dries, you can go ahead and apply your stain. Remember, use a stain that allows you to re-stain over time to help prevent the need for this process in the foreseeable future.

Deck Sanding Isn’t a Repeatable Process

Some people choose to try and sand the stain from their decks. Unfortunately, while this is an option, it’s not a repeatable process. Every time you sand, you take off layers of wood. If you do this every few years, you’ll thin your deck boards. Plus, there are places on your deck where a sander won’t fit.
It’s best to call a professional who can assess what your deck needs and provide the proper cleaning or stripping treatment.

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