Our decks take a beating over time. Family gatherings result in a million footsteps over the wood grain. Rain and hail can saturate the wood stain with moisture. Grime and dirt reduce the luster of the once sparkling boards.
To bring your deck back to its former glory, you must clean it. But we recommend leaving the power washer in your shed.

Why Clean Your Deck Without a Pressure Washer?

Not all power washers are created equal. It takes a specific type of professional power washer to ensure a consistent clean. Plus, you must understand how to work the power washer and how to use it on the delicate boards. Without the right equipment and knowledge, you run the risk of carving marks into your deck.

If you wish to power wash your deck, we recommend reaching out to a professional for help. They can look at your deck and apply the right cleaning agents and pressure to ensure a smooth finish.

3 Steps for Cleaning Your Deck

Refraining from using the power washer is also a great choice for homeowners whose decks and surrounding landscape require less water usage. The deck cleaning process sans power washer can be explained in a few simple steps:

  1. Apply a cleaning agent: There are numerous cleaning agents available on the market for deck cleaning purposes. Once you find a cleaning agent to fit your needs, apply it directly to the wood on your deck, including the deck boards, railing, beams and support feet.
  2. Hand-brush the cleaning agent into the wood: Once you apply the cleaning agent, brush it into the wood using a stiff bristle brush. You can choose a hand brush or even a broom brush you can use standing up. You’ll then want the cleaner to soak for a while. You’ll need to consult the cleaning agent’s directions for specifics.
  3. Rinse off: After the soak, it’s time to rinse the cleaner off. You can do this with a simple water hose. Make sure to remove all of the cleaner from each surface you covered.

From here, you can then seal your deck or re-stain it. If your deck has been stained multiple times, it might be time for you to strip it and reapply.

Need a Better Clean? All Surface Cleaning Can Help.

Even the best hand clean may not bring your deck back to life. All Surface Cleaning serving the Portland metro can help. To learn more about our deck cleaning services, send us a message.