How Often Should You Soft Wash a Roof?

Soft washing is the most effective way to clean your roof while increasing its lifespan. So how often do you need to soft wash your roof? It all depends on several factors, such as tree coverage, type of roof material, age of roof, and of course, moss, lichen, and algae levels. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Know When to Soft Wash Your Roof 

There is not a typical timeframe for how often you should be soft washing your roof. Some in heavily shaded and treed areas might need treatment as often as every 2-3 years while others might not need it more than every 4-6 years. There are several things to consider when deciding how often to soft wash your roof. 

Do You Experience a Lot of Rain and Dampness?

The Portland Metro area is no stranger to rain. During rainy seasons, the moisture can build up and encourage moss and lichen growth. These little organisms eat away at your shingles and can potentially cause expensive repairs in the future.

This becomes an even bigger issue in a damp environment. Moss, lichen, and algae thrive in dark and damp environs. Your roof is more likely to develop green patches of moss, white and yellow lichen clusters, and greenish brown strings of algae, which can lead to roof damage and reduce your roof’s life. 

Cleaning your roof every few years should suffice if you get regular moss and lichen growth on your roof due to rain and dampness. 

Is Your Home Exposed to Trees and Debris?

If your home is surrounded by tall, older trees, you might need a soft wash every few years. Your roof is probably gathering branches, acorns, twigs and leaves. These bits and pieces get stuck in the crevices of your roof. Worse of all, they impede the proper flow of water down the roof and into your gutter system.

Windy storms can also cause debris to settle onto your roof. Check your roof after a storm and consider getting it cleaned when the stormy season is over. The less debris that sits on your roof, the lower the chances of moss and lichen gaining a stronghold.

The Right Time of Year to Soft Wash Your Roof

There truly are no better or worse times to soft wash your roof. As a result of the environment around your roof, if it is destined to last a certain number of years between washes, it will last that same amount of time regardless whether you get it washed in spring, summer, fall or winter. It is all relative. As long as the roof isn’t covered by snow or temperatures in the high 90s or above, anytime is the right time to soft wash your roof.

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