To avoid damage to your home’s gutters, roof and foundation, you should clean your home’s gutters frequently. Unfortunately, there is no rule of thumb. The surrounding environment of your house is what will determine the needed frequency.  For some houses with few or no tall trees within a couple hundred feet, gutter cleaning might be able to be done only every two or three years.  There are, however, many homes that would benefit from more regular gutter cleanings, including those with tree coverage or aging shingles, as well as after severe weather.  Some homes in heavily wooded locations can easily require gutter cleaning several times a year.

Tree Coverage

Certain types of trees, especially firs and pines, shed debris at surprising rates. This debris can include everything from needles and leaves to nuts and small branches. This debris can also cause water to build up. Both debris and water can wreak havoc on gutters when left to sit for too long.

How Often Should You Clean Your Rain Gutters

If your property is heavily forested, or if you have trees close to your home, more consistent gutter cleanings may be necessary. Consider cleaning your gutters on at least a quarterly basis to help eliminate buildup.

Aging Shingles

As roofing materials age, silt and small shingle fragments tend to break away from their surface. All of this ends up in your gutters, again causing buildup and leading to damage.

If your home has older shingles, especially of the asphalt variety, be sure to clean your gutters often to avoid shingle-related debris buildup and the issues that it brings. Oddly enough, at the other end of the spectrum, brand new composition shingles can also shed a lot of granules during their first year.  This is not a sign of a failing roof but is common and to be expected.  Plan on increasing your cleaning frequency during a new roof’s first year.

Severe Weather

When heavy storms hit, homeowners often only consider the damage done to their roofs’ surface. But storms can also severely harm gutters. From dents and holes caused by hail to backup of leaves, water and other debris, severe weather hits gutters hard.

After severe weather, examine your gutters for debris and damage, and remove any impediments that may cause drainage issues. If you notice holes or leakage issues, reach out to a gutter expert for help. In some cases, your homeowners insurance may even cover replacement costs.

Why Should Homeowners Conduct Regular Gutter Cleanings?

Regular gutter cleanings are a must for homeowners. As debris backs up in the gutter system, it impedes rain water drainage. This eliminates the ability of the gutters to manage the proper flow of excess moisture away from your home. Lack of proper drainage can lead to all variety of problems, including:

  • Debris and water backups
  • Overflowing water falling directly into your home’s foundation
  • Erosion and foundation damage
  • Shingles damage
  • Rotting of underlying wood sheeting or walls

Standing water in your gutters may also leak into your home and damage your belongings.

By conducting regular gutter cleanings, you ensure your gutters remain clean and free of debris. As a direct result, you extend the life of your gutters and improve their overall appearance.

Contact the Professionals for Help Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning, while vital to the protection of your home and roof, can be a time consuming, messy and potentially dangerous process.  Before you take on the process of cleaning your gutters, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll visit your home to determine the extent of your gutter cleaning needs and work with you to develop a cleaning schedule for maximizing the effectiveness and lifespan of your gutter system.