Roof cleaning costs in Portland depend on several things, including the size of your roof, the type of roof you have and what type of cleaning you need to be done. The costs for blowing or sweeping debris off the roof will usually cost a few-hundred-dollars. If your cleaning involves algae and moss removal and preventative treatment, as it commonly does in the Pacific Northwest, costs can be several times that amount.

Many Factors Affect the Roof Cleaning Costs

Generally, the cost to clean any roof surface will vary with the amount of moss or algae present, the slope and pitch of the roof, the condition of your roof and where your house is located. For instance, houses in sunny areas have drier roofs, but they may have more damage from years of direct sunlight and lack of storm protection from trees.

The cost can also vary depending upon where your home is located; the type of roof you have; the design, height or slope of your roof; the time of year and weather patterns for the season; the presence of any moss or algae growth; or, any degree of neglect.

The Benefits of Working With Professionals to Clean Your Roof Outweigh the Costs


Roof cleaning is an ongoing maintenance issue for most homeowners and is best left to a professional. Professionals have the proper equipment to clean your roof safely and efficiently, saving you time in the long run and extending the life and beauty of your roof. A clean and debris-free roof increases the market value of a home far more than the cost of the cleaning.

What to Expect From a Professional Portland Roof Cleaning Company

Working with a reputable, experienced roof cleaning company like our team at All Surface Cleaning brings with it great benefits, right from the start. For instance, when you hire our team, one of our skilled estimators will come over to take a close look at your roof. Our estimator will explain to you the status of your roof, inspect for damage and determine the best cleaning method. When it comes to cleaning options, we always take into consideration:

  • The gentlest hand-treatment possible: We sweep and brush any surface moss off your roof down to a particular size. After we remove as much as possible by gentle hand cleaning, we will treat the remaining moss with a safe product to kill what is left and prevent future growth.
  • The aesthetics and curb-appeal of your home: Perhaps you want to ensure your house looks perfect for an upcoming sale? We can use more aggressive cleaning methods to get the curb appeal you desire to meet your listing date.

Regardless of the type of roof you have, we will find a solution that meets your needs. Once we have your customized plan in place, we will give you a full quote for how much your roof cleaning will cost.

Call Us for a Free, On-Site Roof Cleaning Estimate

Working on a rooftop is not for amateurs; even the slightest moss growth makes surfaces slippery. It is best to let an experienced professional with the proper tools and experience handle your roof cleaning project. Call our Portland-area professionals for a free roof cleaning estimate and on-site inspection.