Has your roof developed an odd greenish tint? Do you have a rooftop garden where shingles, tiles or shakes used to be? The wet climate of the Pacific Northwest is hard on roofs. Let us help you identify what’s growing on your roof.

What’s the Difference Between Algae, Moss and Mildew?

Mosses are small herbaceous plants that absorb water and nutrients through their leaves. They produce spores to reproduce rather than seeds and grow primarily in moist shady areas.

Algae are a group of aquatic plants that contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis but lack stems, leaves or flowers. Algae grow in moist areas of your roof where there is dripping or spillage. They cause the dark stains you often see on roofs.

Finally, mildew and mold are types of fungi that grow in damp areas. They’re typically found in moist areas without ventilation such as under eaves and on siding. It’s potentially harmful to humans but not common on roofs.

How Do I Tell What’s Growing on My Roof?

Most of the time in the Pacific Northwest, moss is the biggest issue on your roof. You can identify it easily because it has substance and grows upward. It may appear as small, hair-like fuzz or clumps that are from a half to two inches tall. Moss will grow all over your roof without being limited to a particular area.

Algae are flat with a slimy or slick green sheen. If you notice dark stains on your roof, this is most likely due to algae. Algae only grow in wet areas with shade. Common areas to find algae include the area where a higher roof drips down onto a lower section or where gutters spill over onto the roof’s surface.

Mildew is rare to find on your roof and will be only seen in wet shady areas. It has a powdery appearance and can be black, red or pink in color.

Are Moss, Mildew and Algae Dangerous for My Roof?

Moss is the most damaging to roofs. It lacks roots but has rhizoids or root-like growths that lock into your roof’s material. Moss can speed the roof’s deterioration and compromise its UV protection. Larger moss clumps can act like mini dams that block the flow of water from your roof.

Algae, because it thrives in damp areas and hold moisture, can expedite rot that will cause your roof to leak.

Get Rid of Moss, Algae and Mildew With All Surface Cleaning

The reality is, we live in a wet climate where moss and other living things flourish. Periodic roof cleaning will extend the life of your roof and improve the look of your home. Call us at 503-420-0031 or send us a message for a personalized review of your roof.https://allsurfacecleaning.com/service-area/portland-roof-cleaning/