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Just who is All Surface Cleaning Company? Even more important, what do we stand for?

All Surface Cleaning Company is an award winning, local, and family owned business. We are one of two closely interrelated divisions. All Surface Cleaning Company works primarily on exterior maintenance projects (cleaning and restoring roofs, decks, gutters, siding and flatwork) and All Surface Roofing and Construction is involved in slightly larger projects, such as roof, gutter and retractable awning installation and replacement. Additionally, we own a separate but still connected company, All Pest Control Company. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive array of household service solutions provided by caring people skilled in each of these fields.

With more than 12,000 Portland area customers, All Surface has become one of the most trusted and respected exterior maintenance companies locally. We are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our jobs are performed in compliance with OSHA standards for the safety of our employees and your peace of mind. We are also licensed with the ODA for application of roof treatments (most Portland roof cleaning companies choose to slide by without this required licensing, but not us!)

Family Owned, Oregon Native

Owned by life-long Portland area resident and native, Tom Dieringer, All Surface was founded in 2003. Raised in an entrepreneurial family, yet also exposed at a high level to the larger, more formal business world, Tom gained vast experience in customer relations and satisfaction skills not generally found in contractors. Yet during this time, Tom maintained his small business roots and was always involved in trade skills. This blending of small business trade skills combined with expertise in customer satisfaction methods is why All Surface is able to offer a unique customer experience. We are known for providing our customers a more caring, customer centric mindset within a professionally operated company than what is usually found with the more typical contractor.

Focused on the Customer

Every employee is continually trained in thinking about what a project means to a homeowner and how it feels to be in the homeowner’s shoes. They are encouraged to ask themselves questions and consider anxieties customers may commonly have and feel, such as:

  • What does it feel like to have a stranger arrive at my property to work?
  • I’m putting my home on the market soon – what if the work is not done?
  • Do these guys actually care whether or not a good job is done?
  • Will I be kept informed or will I be an outsider on my own project?

We strongly believe that our team is one of the nicest, most caring groups of people you will encounter.

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Mission Statement

Our desire at an interpersonal level is to treat every prospective and eventual customer with Courtesy, Respect and Gratitude.

Gratitude is what keeps our lives in perspective and we must actively express it in order to have meaning and happiness.

Our market goal is to provide our customers with what we want ourselves: Value – Good workmanship and professionalism at a fair price.

Value is the element that encompasses everyone’s need for the best possible price for the highest standard of work.

Finally, we want to foster an environment of curiosity and desire for growth, whether as individuals learning more about ourselves and our capabilities or the company exploring new and better ways of doing things and seeking out new opportunities.

Tom Dieringer
Founder and Owner

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