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All Surface is a team of like-minded individuals that recognize that YOUR needs come before our wants. From inception, our goal has been to put ourselves in your shoes. That’s why we focus on helping you with what you ultimately need: Streamlining and simplifying the home maintenance process. This allows you to cut straight to having confidence that you will get the Best Overall Customer Experience – without wasting your time or money. If we can’t provide you with peace of mind in knowing that one more item has successfully been taken off you long to-do list, we haven’t done our job and will work until you have it.

With more than 30,000 Portland area customers, All Surface has become one of the most trusted and respected exterior maintenance companies locally. We are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our jobs are performed in compliance with OSHA standards for the safety of our employees and your peace of mind. We are also licensed with the ODA for application of roof treatments (most Portland roof cleaning companies choose to slide by without this required licensing, but not us!)

Family Owned, Oregon Native

Founded by life-long Portland area resident and native Tom Dieringer, All Surface was established in 2003. Tom brings a broad variety of experience, spanning the construction trades, small business ownership, high tech startup, and management in Fortune 500 companies. This blending of exposure, skills, and expertise in customer satisfaction methods is why All Surface is able to offer a unique customer experience. Coupled with many long-term employees, we have formed a team of professionals who seek to understand your needs. We are known for providing our customers a more caring, customer centric mindset within a professionally operated company than what is usually found with the more typical contractor.

Focused on You, the Customer

Every employee is continually trained in thinking about what a project means to a homeowner and how it feels to be in the homeowner’s shoes. They are encouraged to ask themselves questions and consider anxieties customers may commonly have and feel, such as:

  • What does it feel like to have a stranger arrive at my property to work?
  • I’m putting my home on the market soon – what if the work is not done?
  • Do these guys actually care whether or not a good job is done?
  • Will I be kept informed or will I be an outsider on my own project?

We strongly believe that our team is one of the nicest, most caring groups of people you will encounter.

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Mission Statement

Our company goal is to focus on both you and our employees, extending the three following principles to all:

  • Everyone should be treated with Courtesy, Respect, and Gratitude.
  • We will respect and value everyone’s Time, Money, and desire for Peace of Mind.
  • Every day we try to be better than the day before.

Tom Dieringer
Founder and Owner

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