Maybe you’re a home buyer who has found a house that seems perfect, but you’re worried about a potential mold issue. Or maybe you’re a realtor selling a house and you’re worried that mold might kill your transaction. Either way, you might be asking whether a regular home inspection will catch mold problems. Generally speaking, yes, home inspectors do look for mold as part of their inspections.

What Home Inspectors Do Look For

Home Inspector Looking for Mold

The American Society of Home Inspectors provides Standards of Practice that get into detail about what inspectors should look for. And while every state is free to implement their own requirements, there are several items that you can expect to be included in any routine home inspection. These include:

• Checking structural elements like the foundation for cracking, bowing, or sagging.
• Making sure there are functional fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
• Checking the grounds for proper drainage
• Examining the condition of the roof, shingles, vents, chimneys, and gutters
• Looking at the interior plumbing to be sure it has no leaks or breaks
• Verifying that appliances function properly
• Making sure the basement and garage are solid and free of damage
• Inspecting crawl spaces, basements and other lower-levels for signs of moisture, mildew and water damage

Early Signs of Mold That Home Inspectors Can Catch

Home inspectors are trained to look for signs of mold and mildew. A few early signs that you may have water issues, mildew or mold in your home include:

• Old, musty smells
• Leaky pipes
• Water stains from previous flooding

On occasion, home inspectors may see mold outright. This is because they get into spaces most homeowners never step into or see, such as crawlspaces and vent systems.

Whether an inspector finds early signs of potential mold or sees with the naked eye that mold is growing in your home, it is important to take immediate steps to remedy the situation.

What Can You Do?

If mold is present in a home you wish to buy, there are a few things you can do or request:

• Determine how much it will cost to remediate the situation and whether you can afford to fix it.
• Request that the home seller make mold remediation contingent upon sale.
• Walk away from that house and continue your search.

Get Mold Remediated Properly

If an inspection discovers mold problems in a house you are buying or trying to sell, our All Surface Cleaning team can help. We can evaluate the situation and act quickly to remediate the mold, so you can move on with your life. To learn more or to request your free estimate, contact us online or call us today at (503) 590-9274.