Two of the best reasons for having a formal roof maintenance plan are our natural inclination toward forgetfulness and procrastination.  First, we all seem to live busy lives these days. Before you know it, a year can easily pass with many chores undone. Our memories are getting taxed with a thousand different things on our “To Do” lists.  Honesty, how far up on your To Do list does your roof make it?  Likely, not very far.  While a roof isn’t necessarily out of sight, it easily becomes out of mind.  With so much on the line, it’s worth it to not risk forgetting having your roof periodically reviewed and maintained.

Servicing a roof maintenance plan

Servicing a roof maintenance plan

Even if we do remember a task, forgetfulness’s ugly cousin, procrastination, comes into play.  Procrastination can be spurred on by many things, including wanting to spend time and money on different things, not wanting to incur the hassle of procuring estimates, and the fear that a job may cost more than you were hoping.

Put together, forgetfulness and procrastination will lead you to one day waking up and realizing it has been seven or eight years since that “new” roof of yours was installed and it now has some significant maintenance issues to be addressed.

Problems From Lack of Maintenance

Without periodic maintenance, even a relatively new roof can quickly have issues that will act to reduce its useful life. Debris accumulates quickly, even on homes that are not in yards that are inundated with tall trees. Debris can slow the flow of water and redirect it to where it was not intended. Worse of all, particularly in the Portland Metro area, it can foster the quick start and accumulation of moss. Moss does everything that debris does and more. Unlike debris, moss just doesn’t blow off because it is a living organism that connects to your roof with its rhizoids (mosses equivalent to roots) that anchor them to your roof. Moss requires much more effort (and cost) to kill, remove, and prevent from coming back.

While all roofing types are subject to eventual deterioration as the result of the sun’s UV rays, some types are more susceptible. Cedar roofs in particular, being wood, can be harmed by being unprotected from UV rays. A regimented plan for roof treatment, as part of a roof maintenance package, ensures that your roof is kept protected.

Having a roof maintenance technician review your roof periodically allows for the opportunity to notice unknown issues – loose flashing, loose shingles, shakes, or tiles, hairline cracks or loose molding in skylights, raised nails, and much more. All of these can promptly lead to damaging and costly roof leaks.

Benefits of a Roof Maintenance Plan

A benefit of a roof maintenance package is that it takes the effort out of the maintenance process for you. There is no determining when to pursue, deciding whom to call, and gathering and comparing proposals.   Also, preplanned periodic maintenance gives the homeowner both the advantage of knowing the cost in advance and avoiding the larger costs of dealing with a problem after it has already happened. So generally you get a lower cost at a predictable interval for budgeting purposes. Maintenance is always cheaper than solving an after the fact problem and this is no different with roofs. An affordable roof maintenance plan holds true to the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Commonly Included Services in a Roof Maintenance Package

A typical roof maintenance plan for a house in the Portland are would include air blowing loose debris (not moss) off the roof, cleaning out the gutters and downspouts, applying moss prevention and/or UV protection roof treatments at the appropriate periodic interval for that specific type of roof material, reviewing the roof for any unknown issues and making any minor repairs as needed (re-hammering any raised and exposed fasteners, sealing any exposed fasteners, re-positioning any loose flashing, caulking any tiny holes in pipe boots, etc.) Other, larger issues outside the scope of this would be promptly identified and an estimate given before the problem gets out of hand.

Is a Roof Maintenance Contract Needed?

One final note. We are often asked if contractual formality should be part of a roof maintenance contract. Since we offer both contractual and pay as you go maintenance, ultimately, we tend to let our customers decide for themselves. Some folks just have an aversion to anything contractual and we understand this.

What needs to be taken into consideration, however, ties back to what was first mentioned – forgetfulness and procrastination. From our years of experience, both our customers and us have seen that with an actual contract in place for regular service, the work actually gets done, as was the original desire of the homeowner. Many a time, on talking with those without a contract for their periodic service, we are told that they are busy or occupied and will get back to us in a week or two. Subsequently, a year or two later, we are finally re-contacted, told how time flew by and the service was forgotten about. The most unfortunate aspect of this is that when too long passes, the services required to bring the roof into proper condition can no longer be done with just a simple maintenance (as would be included in the maintenance plan) but requires more extensive and costly work. So while we trust our customers to make their own decision, we strongly recommend the value of the commitment from a roof maintenance contract.

If you are curious as to what a roof maintenance plan might involve for your home, please call today for a free estimate: 503-590-9274