There is an old saying; “Out of sight, out of mind”. This is all well and good, but not when it comes to a roof. A roof that is well maintained can add years to the life of the shingles, shakes or tiles, and prevent massive damage to the interior, exterior, and structure of the house.

One of the best ways to provide maintenance is to do regular roof cleaning. While you or your roofing company is ridding the roof of debris, potential problems can also be spotted. Roof cleaning isn’t something that should be a DIY project for everyone. Being up on the roof can present health hazards, and one of the main dangers is falling.

A good roof maintenance plan would involve a good roof cleaning and inspection twice a year. This is usually done in the spring and fall, but can be done any time the weather cooperates. Old roofs and new should be regularly maintained.

The roof of a home takes a beating. The UV rays from the sun, as well as wind, rain (and we get a lot of that in Portland!) can wear out a roof much quicker than you may imagine. A regular schedule involving cleaning can actually make a roof last much longer. Holes in the shingles, shakes or tiles sometimes occur when branches and other objects fall during wind and storms. Since the roof isn’t easily visible, a lot of damage goes unnoticed without maintenance.

Whether you plan to do the job yourself, or hire someone else to do your roof cleaning, make sure your roof is cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. If this isn’t done, it can be much more expensive in the long run.