The roof provides us, and our families with shelter from the elements. While everyone knows this, few people take the time to really consider it, and what would happen if something happened to the roof. Roof cleaning is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent damage to not only the roof, but the interior and exterior of your home.


How the roof looks may not matter to some. If you plan to sell or lease a home, however, it becomes very important. People will notice the roof when they visit for the purposes listed above. Especially if they are buying, the roof will become a focal point for them. Having a clean roof just looks nice.

House Value

Again, if you ever plan to lease or sell a home, having a clean roof will increase the value dramatically. A clean roof is safer and more pleasant to look at than a roof covered in debris.


There are many, many health hazards that can result from not having a thorough roof cleaning done. A roof is not exactly a sterile environment, and animals often nest on roofs and in gutters. Birds, rodents, and other critters can create a virtual condo up there. Whatever happens up there eventually ends up either in your yard, or in your home.


The cost for roof cleaning services is minor compared to the alternatives. Not only can roof cleaning improve the life of your roof, but the professionals can spot damage and potential damage while they are up there. Which would you rather do; have roof cleaning done, or replace the roof?

Protect Landscape

Whatever is on that roof can and does make its way to your yard/garden eventually. A good roof cleaning keeps the harmful materials and droppings far away from your garden, pets, and children. Since we use more earth friendly products for roof cleaning, you don’t have to worry about chemicals ending up there either.

Gutter Protection

What is on the roof now will certainly make its way into your gutters eventually. This is a fact. Roof cleaning can prevent clogged gutters, and also more expenses. Of course, it is a good idea to have the gutters cleaned as well, but roof cleaning makes that much less of a problem.

For your own safety, and peace of mind, it is best to have regular roof cleaning done. In the long-run, it can save you money, and prevent mega-damage later on.