The answer is Yes, if it hasn’t been done in the last 6-8 months. But that would, however, make for a very short post, so here is more information, because we are helpful that way. Seriously though, most people ignore this important step in roof maintenance, which can mean a lot of expenses and headaches in the future.

Gutters can, and do become cluttered and clogged with debris (such as tree branches and sticks), animal waste, loose roofing material, and leaves. It can happen very quickly, which is why we recommend having it done twice a year. Some consider it a DIY project, and for those who have experience, it can be. For the rest, however, we provide quality gutter cleaning in the Portland area, and have for many years.

Having clogged gutters isn’t just a matter of having water spill over the gutter system. It can do some serious damage to the structure of the home. It can cause inside leaks, and rot wood. Even if the water is not spilling over, it still may have clogs in several places. Gutters can become clogged anywhere along the guttering system, including the downspouts.

When the system is clogged, it can cause damage to the foundation of the home, due to water pooling. Most downspouts are designed to carry the water away from the foundation of the home. If there is a clog, that doesn’t happen. The water pools around the foundation, and can cause major damage. The pressure from the water on the roof can cause damage to the tiles or roofing itself.

At the very least, an unchecked gutter clog can mean having to replace the entire guttering system. Isn’t it just easier, and less costly to just have the gutters checked and cleaned? Of course it is! The old saying goes something like; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.