Normally we might consider gutters clogs as only affecting the exterior of the house. Damage to foundations and landscapes are prime victims of gutter issues. However, gutter clogs can allow water to accumulate and back up in areas not intending to have excess water.  This can result in leaks through exterior walls if not periodically addressed.

 As the unusual photo sequence below show, clogged gutters can cause a myriad of problems to your house.  Part of the reason for this is because there are innumerable paths that downspouts take in the journey from the gutter to the ground.  Some are straight forward – just a simple 1 story direct line from gutter to ground.  Others, snake around, sometime curving, sometimes emptying onto lower roof and sometimes who know what.

 In the photo below, we can tell a couple of things that might be useful to you in diagnosing your own clogged gutter and downspout issue.  First, since water is not spilling over the top of the gutter, we can safely assume that the issue is not solely in the gutter itself (there is always the chance of more than one issue being present.)  If the gutter was blocked mid gutter or if debris was completely sealing off the top of the downspout, water would have no choice but to flow over the top of the gutter.

Broad view of gutter downspout problemGutter Downspout ClogBottom of downspout clog

 While this photo series is a poor example for describing the next possibility, another common downspout problem is an underground clog.  You can tell that a clog is underground if water makes it all the way down the downspout but then is bubbling back up from the subsurface drain pipe that the downspout connects to (not present in this example since the downspout in question ends at a rooftop.)  Bubbling water at or very near ground level usually indicates an underground clog.

 What these photos show is that water is leaking out at the highest point where there is an exit from the downspout – right at the loosest elbow connection.  This indicates that water is leaving the gutter, flowing downward in the downspout, hitting an obstruction before it makes it to the ground, and then filling up the downspout until it can flow out of the first exist point.

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