When it comes to keeping a clean home, we commonly only consider certain areas of our homes, and forget others. This is through no fault of our own, we just simply forget sometimes, as there are certain areas of our houses that we never clean, this is for numerous reasons. Sometimes we may not be able to reach a certain area, therefore we don’t clean it, other times, there are areas we never see, therefore we don’t think to clean them, as we never see them. While this is humorous in a way it can actually lead to some quite serious matters and dangers. When an area is never cleaned, substantial amounts of dust can gather, and while dust looks harmless, it is in fact one of the main killers when it comes to erosion and breakages in homes and electrical equipment. Dust can gather within a few days, so imagine the amount of dust that will have formed in areas you haven’t ever cleaned, it’s a scary thought.

One area of our homes that most residents never clean is their roofs. Home owners generally never clean their roofs for a few reasons, one it’s unsafe and two it never crosses their minds. We generally come in and out of our homes, and glance at our roofs and never think any more of them. There may be times where we need shingles or tiles fixed, or even times where we get a whole new roof put on, but we never think about the maintenance or cleaning of our roofs. It is in fact a skill, roof cleaning isn’t something that anyone can do, you must be a trained roofer and in roof cleaning to be able to do the job effectively and safely. You should never attempt to clean your roof, or to climb onto your roof to inspect how dirty it is, if you can see it through a window that’s fine, but never put yourself at risk of falling and injuring yourself on a roof, as you will regret it.

There are many types of roofs, commercial roofs for warehouses and residential roofs, each different in size, shape, design and material which makes cleaning each of them an art. You must master roof cleaning to run the service, as each roof will be different, some roofs may be eroding and damaged, while others may be perfect, and just need a minimal cleaning. Knowing how to deal with these roofs is something you must be trained in.

With many homes and commercial buildings in Portland, there are many roofs to be cleaned. However, probably only a tiny percentage of the Portland population actually has their roofs cleaned, and it’s guaranteed that if you put a clean roof next to an unclean roof that you could tell the difference. Homes that have their roofs cleaned go up in value, they look more presentable and stylish, and they allow their residents to feel good about their home. Unclean roofs look dark, dingy and dirty which isn’t going to do anyone any favors. If you need your roof cleaned because you want to sell your home, it’s a great idea to do so, as your property will gleam in the sun, and really stand out from the rest of the houses down your street.

Roof cleaning Portland services aren’t too easy to find, you will be able to find roofing contractors, but many of them won’t be skilled enough to clean existing roofs. You can find exceptional roof cleaning Portland services here at All Surface Cleaning, as we offer the highest standard roof cleaning available in Portland. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction, which means we won’t leave a job, until we think you are completely happy with the work we’ve done. Working with this sort of ethic has allowed us to have many repeat clients who love our work, and we love serving our Portland area, making commercial and residential roofs more presentable. If you would like to have your roof cleaned by professionals, get in contact with All Surface Cleaning today.