When it comes to deck maintenance, we all pretty much forget that it needs maintaining throughout the years, as it can erode and begin to loose its finish. Decks in Portland go through such extreme weather conditions, from heavy rain, to Ultra Violet rays in the summer. The decks can take serious hits from this weather, and when the finishes start to lose effect, years are taken off of your decks life span. So, lets take a look at what you can do to maintain your deck’s life, and not have to replace your whole decking, if you leave it, that is what you will be looking at doing in a few years time. The best thing you can do for your deck is to have it refinished by a deck refinishing Portland service. Deck refinishing is an art, you can’t simply go down to your local hardware store and try to buy a kit that states you can do it yourself, as you will do it wrong unless you are fully trained and qualified in deck finishes.

If you want to do an effective job on your deck, you will need to hire a professional company skilled in deck refinishing to take over, and they will properly replace the finish on your decking. If you leave the decking as it is, and don’t do anything to maintain it, you will be paying out another large sum of cash to either remove it, or replace the whole deck. When you first installed the deck, you didn’t think about it leaving your home, and you didn’t think about it eroding did you? No, and you wouldn’t want to put it at risk, so the best thing you can do is maintain in through the years, so that it doesn’t succumb to any erosion or damage. Refinishing your decking is something that should only be done by a professional deck maintenance company, as if you try to do it, and you have no deck staining expertise, you will cause more damage than good to the deck, which ultimately costs your more money.

Decks are used very frequently, especially in the summer, and if you have pets. Dogs and cats love to sleep on decking in the sun, and your kids will most likely play out with them on the decking too. Family BBQ’s and sporting activities often take place on decks in the summer too. All these activities will cause the finish on your decking to slowly but surely come to some damage, wear and tear. It is vital that once in awhile you hire a deck refinishing service to come and maintain your decking for you, as the more you use your decking, the more worn it will become. However, you shouldn’t have to limit your time on your decking just because you don’t want it to get too worn, as you paid a lot of money for it, and you are going to want to use it. The way you solve this issue is simply by living life normally at home, using your decking as you would, and having it serviced every now and then, so that the finish never gets worn, and you can enjoy the decking in the sun without having to worry. You won’t have to worry about the weather conditions at all, as they will be harmless to your decking if you maintain it effectively.

There are many types of finishes you can use on your decking, just because you had a particular finish before doesn’t mean you can’t change it the next time. However, certain types of stain, once put on, limit your future choices. A fifteen minute meeting with a deck refinishing expert will help you avoid any long term mistakes.

If you want a professional deck refinishing service in the Portland area to refinish your decking, look no further as we offer the most high quality refinishing service in Portland. Here at All Surface Cleaning, we care about our customers and their decks and will always ask for your approval on the job, so that you will always be satisfied with the end result. Get in contact with us today at All Surface Cleaning, and make your decking look brand new again.