One of the nice things about working with us folks at All Surface is that we are not married to just one type of roof moss removal.   We offer more combinations of cleaning methods than anyone.  We offer standalone roof moss treatments, combinations of hand brushing and treating, washing and air-blowing to mention some of the more common.  Why is this important?  Because every roof’s moss problem is unique.  What worked on your neighbors roof might not work on yours.

Every few years we hear a revival of an common fallacy;  some company offers to only treat a roof promising that this is all that is needed and that the moss will fall off by itself.  A homeowner buys into the idea of saving a little money for this seemingly simple solution. Unfortunately, sometimes this works but more often it does not and you may end up wasting your money.

Roof only treated

id=”attachment_1106″ align=”aligncenter” width=”448″ caption=”Roof that was only treated”

The photo above is of a roof a homeowner called us out to review.  It had been treated several months earlier by another company who promised her that the moss would fall off within a few weeks.  This specific type of moss would not have come off by itself in over a year.  Plus, it looked rather hideous, don’t you agree?

Why Only Treating a Roof Moss Problem Might Not be Enough

The reason why treating only works sometimes is that it depends on the roof type and more importantly, the type and size of the moss.  There are indeed some types and size of moss that respond well to only being treated.  However, even with those types of situations, the time frame for the moss dislodging off the roof needs to be extended out much longer than just a few weeks.  Many months or even longer than a year are some times required for the moss to come off by itself.  In some environments, if the dead moss does not come off soon enough it ends up serving as a nice bed for a new batch of moss to restart in.  So in addition to the type and size of moss, the environment around the house needs to be taken into consideration as when when considering this moss removal method.

Generally speaking, for a moss treatment only method of roof moss removal to work, the moss needs to be very small.  This means the homeowner needs to be getting on the problem very quickly.  Unfortunately, most people just don’t really pay much attention to the problem until it has advanced a little further.  Most times more work is needed to solve your problem than just applying moss killer.

So before you believe anyone touting that their “one method fits all roofs” approach will solve your problem, check around first with some reputable pros.  Speaking of roof cleaning pros, why not call us today and get the straight scoop on your roof!  503-590-9274.


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