Moss and roof type A

One of many types of roof moss

Understandably, everyone wants a positive story to tell prospective customers.   The problem is, sometimes for some companies, there isn’t much positive to tell.   In those cases, companies look at what they are able to offer, whether it is good or not, and market it as the best solution.  This is what is happening in the Portland roof cleaning market currently.

Roof cleaning companies in Portland are confusing the heck out of poor homeowners who are simply trying to figure out what is the best way to handle their roof.  In just the last year, I have seen websites popup claiming the following:

  • Power washing is the only way to go because it cleans the most deeply.
  • Only treating with a “special solution” is the only way to go because it has no mechanical abrasion at all.
  • Pre-treating with a moss killer and then brushing off is the only way because the roof moss comes off the easiest.
More than one type of moss

More than one type of moss

  • Gentle, low-pressure power washing in the only way to go because it still washes without being too harsh.
  • Air blowing and subsequent treatment with moss killer is the only way to go because it avoid granule loss but still kills the moss.
  • And if you add what to treat a cedar roof with to the equation, you will get at least 5 different claims of what product type is the “absolute best available as determined by top scientist at a secret facility.” 

    All are good reasons.   All could be just what your roof needs.   And all could end up causing harm or not solving the problem (a form of harm) if they were used in the wrong situation as a result of a company “forcing” their method on all roofs.   Perspective is what the homeowner truly needs for an informed roof moss removal decision.

    Fortunately, we specialize is “perspective.”   Since we offer virtually every possible method of roof cleaning available, you do not have to worry about, well to be frank, being lied to.   Of course, some companies really do believe their single method of roof cleaning is the best one, but that error comes from a lack of…perspective.  

    A roof with both moss and algae

    Both moss and algae on a roof

    We will review your roof and give you a customized roof cleaning plan that is based on your roof’s needs, not what equipment we have back at the warehouse or treatment we are overstocked in.   If you were a roof, isn’t this what you would want for yourself?   Call us today to get the straight story on your roof.   503-590-9274.  

    Remember, Your Roof Protects You, All Surface Protects Your Roof!