Sometimes it is easy to feel that the hard part of a home maintenance decision is over once we have decided that we are going to do it.  However, that is really only the start of the process.   After coming to terms that there is a problem with your mossy roof and you are going to get your roof cleaned, you then need to decide who is going to do the work and by what method the cleaning will be done.

This video tells a sad story – well as sad of a story that you can tell about a roof in approximately 60 seconds.   It shows a roof that had been power washed by an amateur with no specialized power washing equipment.   While in general power washing roofs should be avoided, we always acknowledge that there are still occasions, due to the specific nature of the moss infestation, that it is the best or only solution.   It’s rare, but there are times when that is the case.  In such instances, properly adjusted, specialize washers should be used to prevent as little granule loss (or fiber or glaze loss if a cedar or tile roof) as possible.

The bottom line is that a proper roof cleaning solution must be matched to your home’s specific, unique roof moss removal problem.  And sadly, this video shows what happens when a cookie cutter approach was applied to one roof.