Our friends at Angie’s List (where we just happen to have some of the best roof and gutter contractor ratings in the Portland area) allowed us to share these

8 great Tips for a Green Home.

We would include the following tips of our own (the graphics on their tips are much cooler, though:)

  1. Consider solar reflective roofing options when it is time to replace you roof. Cooling costs and energy usage can be greatly reduced, even in cloudy Portland.
  2. A well maintained roof (ie, one that gets periodic roof cleaning) keeps your old roof out of the landfill for much longer.
  3. Consider roof treatments that avoid metallic components.  Our proprietary line of “Guard” treatments (CompGuard, TileGuard and CedarGuard) and among the most environmentally compatible roof treatments available.
  4. Clean gutters, or even better protected gutters keep much organic debris from filtering into the city sewer system.

Tips for a green home | Angie's List [Via: Angie’s List Window Replacement]

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