Preventative maintenance.   Whether changing car oil every 3000 miles, getting your teeth cleaned, or treating your roof so moss doesn’t return, preventative maintenance is an unwelcome phrase to many of us.   Why?   The best I can figure it is the result of a misperception.

The misperception I theorize is the cause for avoiding preventative maintenance is that it “costs” too much.   “Why service an issue that has yet to arise, that’s just a waste of money!”

Well as the saying goes, “to each their own,” but if I am correct in my theory this misperception actually costs you money versus saving it.   Roof cleaning and treating is a prime example.   Every roof cleaning job has several components to it: moss removal (usually the majority, not all of it), gutter cleaning, ground clean up and finally, roof treating.

When you wait so long after your last roof cleaning that there is once again large moss present, much time and effort will need to be spent removing the majority of that moss.   Accordingly, whenever roof moss removal is involved, there will need to be gutter cleaning and ground cleanup.  As you can see, this is a lot of work, and thus a lot of cost, as a result from waiting.

Roof treating every one to three years is actually very affordable, particularly when compared to a full roof clean and treat.

Another factor to consider is the life of the roof and the cost of replacement.   Even the most gentle of cleaning methods will remove a few granules off of a composition roof or a cedar roof’s wood fiber.   Periodic preventative is the gentlest method of keeping your roof moss free, which in turn maximizes your roof’s life to the highest extent.

All Surface recommends to our customers to get on a periodic treatment regimen.   At the very minimum, call us the very first moment that you see any hint of green on your roof.   Whether just a hint of green or a full-fledged forest of moss, we stand ready to help you.   Call us today – 503-590-9274.