As far as I know, at least here on Earth, gravity never fails.   What this brilliant insight means in terms of exterior home maintenance is that it is always wisest to start at the top and work your ways down.

This time of year, many homeowners get a lot of work done on their homes exteriors:  roofs, gutters, siding, windows, decks and pavement as well and yard work and landscaping.   All of these projects require a lot of effort and it is a shame to spoil work already done.

In addition to being at “top” of this list, roof cleaning and gutter cleaning should also be done first for another reason – they often produce a much larger amount of debris.

Moss and tree debris (needles, leaves and small branches) have to go somewhere and that somewhere is downward, towards the other surfaces.   Windows, siding and deck, while obviously subject to getting very dirty, don’t produce much tangible debris.   Pavement can on occasion produce a moderate debris volume, particularly if a lot of moss was present on it.   Additionally with pavement, the washing process itself can cause a lot of water volume that can easily displace newly distributed bark dust or disturb newly planted flowers.

Failure to do this will inevitably result in both some disappointment and the need to re-clean some previously cleaned surfaces.    Always be sure to communicate with us about your other, upcoming projects so we can be sure to work together and avoid any frustration.   Why not make that call today?