Unprotected wood soon loses all of its natural protection against all of the elements.   The wood’s natural oils, which provide initial protection against moisture and UV rays, dissipate fairly soon after it is subject to continuous outdoor exposure.   At that point, every cycle of constant moisture retention followed by months of drying and scorching work to slowly break down the wood’s fiber.   Within just a few years, the unprotected wood can have several years taken off of its maximum potential life.

Before Deck CleaningAfter Deck Cleaning
Before Deck Cleaning
After Deck Cleaning


This being said, decks look so much better after deck cleaning and staining.

Getting this work done during the spring will allow for months of summer enjoyment.   Spring deck work always requires patience on the homeowner’s part, as long stretches of good weather are not yet common.    Sometimes, a couple weeks can pass between the preparation of the deck and the staining.   However, that patience will pay off soon.   A deck that is refinished in the spring is ready to provide enjoyment for months to come.   Our experience is that the sooner your deck is refinished, the more you enjoy the outdoors the rest of the season. If you’re ready to start your outdoor living season, give us a call today for a free estimate on refinish your deck. PS   Nothing helps extend a deck’s usable season more that a retractable awning, installed by All Surface.   Check out our designated awning website to learn more about how affordable and enjoyable a retractable awning can be!