That sounds like a tongue in cheek statement but in reality, you would be hard pressed to find a metropolitan area that consistently has more of the elements necessary for an abundance of roof moss.

The often cloudy skies we have during long stretches of the year are a main contributor to Portland roof moss.

Certainly we get our share of beautiful sunny weather also, but that weather can’t counteract the ideal atmosphere created during the periods of darker skies.   Then add in the high moisture level we have.   It is not always about the volume of rain but rather the high frequency of rainy weather.   Often, our houses and yards are kept in a continually damp condition over extended periods by just relatively small amounts of frequent rain.   Add in the preponderance of large, established trees providing additional shade and acting as a source of organic matter, and you have an ideal breading ground for moss.

An example of a typical Portland roof with moss

An example of typical Portland roof moss

Moss (and it’s cousin lichens) are much more than a superficial issue.   It appears on all roofing material types – asphalt or composition shingles, roll roofing, cedar shakes, tile (organic or concrete), synthetic composite and even metal roofs.  By holding excess moisture against the surface of the roof, moss accelerates the wear of the roof surface. In freezing conditions, damage is increased by frost damage to the mineral granule coating on the composition shingles and fiber damage to cedar shakes and tile by the expansion of the frozen water.   All in all, there are numerous ways moss can cause damage to your roof.

Fortunately, Portland homeowners can avail themselves of roof moss professionals who have years of experience dealing with this exact problem.

In some parts of the country, roof moss might be a rare problem so those enlisted to work on it really do not know much about the proper methods and techniques for removing it.   Here at All Surface however, we have actually identified several distinct types of moss growth patterns.   By identifying different growth patterns, we are able to match specific, careful, removal methods that are best suited for that type.   We also cross reference the growth pattern against the specific type of roofing material when determining the best solution for our customers.   This is just one example of the knowledge and commitment All Surface has toward providing the leading roof moss solutions for Portland homeowners. If your ready to learn more about your roof’s moss problem, contact the highest rated Portland roof moss Pro’s today!