OK, Portland roof cleaning has finally made it to the disreputable place that so many other industries have already reached – overstating their green and environmentally friendly status. Personally, I am tired of seeing Portland roof cleaning contractors promote themselves as using “safe” and green roof treatments when I see them continuing to only use treatments such as copper napthenate, zinc napthenate, zinc chloride and Chevron roof oil mixes on Portland roofs.   I guess they’ll do anything to show up on a Google keyword search!

These companies continue to proceed with the roof maintenance method of power washing the roof and then putting on a heavy metal treatment as their methods and treatments of first choice.   I fail to see the environmentally friendly roof cleaning aspect of all this. On rare occasion, we will use a couple of these if that is what the customer insists upon.

Our goal has always been to offer a wide variety of roof cleaning practices that fit many situations instead of trying to make one method work for all situations.   However, this is rare and we generally recommend to our customers the environmentally friendlier options first. Part of this issue stems from access.   Most roof cleaning companies are simply not able to access the products, often proprietary, that offer a gentler interaction with the surrounding environment yet still provide excellent results. If you are looking for some gentler, greener approaches to maintaining your roof, let’s talk today!