The leaves are coming down and the rain is coming down.   Let All Surface Cleaning Company make sure that is all that is coming down and KEEP YOU OFF OF YOUR LADDER!   We don’t want to hear about anyone getting hurt this fall or winter.

Don't let this be you!

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But back to the main point, why do you need to gutter clean, Portland homeowners?

Because homes have gutters for a reason – they are an integral part of your roofing system.   Without gutters, water would cause damage to your home’s foundations.   Water would eventually leak or leach into either your crawl space or basement.   Mold and mildew could occur.   Erosion could start to occur, causing its own unique and potentially costly set of problems.  Plus, you would never be able to walk out your door on a rainy day without getting dumped on by a flood of roof run-off. Gutters that have not been cleaned may start to rust.

The collected amount of debris will get exceptionally heavy and start to pull the gutters away from the house, often causing damage to the facia board or rafter tails.  It is very possible to get leaking inside of your exterior walls.    Underground clogs may occur  and start to cause other drainage problems in your yard.   Plus, full, overflowing gutters will result in the same potential damage caused by not having them it the first place! Let us help you get those gutters clean, Portland.