All Surface Cleaning is an affordable Portland Roof Cleaning Company, providing soft wash roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and repair, deck cleaning, and pressure washing contractor services to the greater Portland metro area. You owe it to yourself and your home to discover why All Surface Cleaning is a company that provides the best gutter, deck, and roof cleaning Portland has to offer.

What Do You Value?

Your Time.

You’re busy and let’s face it, finding a reliable and honest service provider is time intensive. Researching, reaching out and hoping they call you back, possibly making time to meet, trying to understand and evaluate their estimate, quality, reliability and reputation, hoping you don’t have to manage them do their job – all this takes up your very limited time. Do you know what saves you time? Finding someone you can have full confidence in preserving your time is part of you receiving the best overall customer experience. –> All Surface.

Your Dime.

Your money. Its…yours. So, it makes perfect sense that you need to preserve it, use it judiciously, and invest it wisely. Wisdom tells us there is always more than just price. Value. Reasonable pricing matched with long lasting workmanship, materials that last, and backed by warranties that are honored – these create overall value. Without these, your hard-earned dime is at risk. Finding true value in a roof cleaning service provider who preserves your dime is part of you receiving the best overall customer experience.
–> All Surface.

Your Home and Peace of Mind.

Your home is where the heart is. And often, where the heart is happens to be where you find some of your best peace of mind. Why do you really get home maintenance performed? Yes, you need a component of your home repaired, cleaned, or refinished. But you also need to know it won’t get worse from delaying and cost more money down the road (or look embarrassingly unsightly.) You certainly don’t want to take money away from something else you needed or wanted it for. You ultimately don’t need the constant worrying or fear. You need your peace of mind preserved. Finding a trusted gutter and soft wash roof cleaning professional with integrity who helps preserves your home and peace of mind is a big part of you receiving the best overall customer experience. –> All Surface.

  • Most reviews (over 2000 across all rating platforms) of any Portland Metro exterior maintenance and replacement contractor
  • Warranties that are always honored, never prorated
  • Experienced staff from office to estimating to production teams – people with expertise you can trust to have your best interests in mind.

Best Overall Customer ExperienceSM

Show Roof Moss Who’s the Boss

and solve your other needs wtih roof debris removal, prevention treatments and gutter cleaning services.

Before CleaningAfter Cleaning
Before CleaningAfter Cleaning

Got a roof problem? Learn more about our professional roof cleaning services.

Roof Service

home-roof-cleaning-serviceAll Surface Cleaning offers custom roof cleaning, moss cleaning and roof treatment services designed to not only provide you with a well maintained roof, but to also extend the life of it.

Gutter Services

Regular gutter cleaning and repair will not only prolong the life of your gutters, but will ensure that they are in good working condition throughout the year.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Uncleaned gutters can lead to problems such as roof leaks, erosion, basement flooding, gutter damage and foundation seepage.

  • Gutter Repair

    Simple gutter repairs can often keep your gutter system working for years to come instead of having to replace it prematurely.

  • Gutter Screen and Filters

    Gutter protection can help to reduce maintenance. You can choose from a range of gutter screen and filter solutions.

Residential Cleaning Services

Our residential cleaning services will keep the exterior of your home looking clean while removing unwanted dirt, moss, stains and algae that can cause long term damage to your property.

  • Power Washing

    Not only will your driveway, patios, walkways and retaining walls look cleaner, power washing will also remove slippery moss and algae.

  • Siding Washing

    There’s no better way to improve the exterior look of your home than by removing the dirt, mildew and grime that builds up on your siding.

Deck Services

Save replacement costs and make your old deck look new with our deck restoration and refinishing services.

  • Deck Restoration

    Restoring your deck goes beyond standard refinishing. Sanding, board replacement, buffing, stripping and resetting nails.

  • Deck Refinishing

    Help preserve the life of your deck with periodic refinishing. A beautiful deck will enhance your outdoor living experience.

Why You Can Trust Us

  • All work is done to professional standards
  • Any materials used are of the highest grade available
  • All work is performed within the time frame promised
  • You are treated with courtesy, respect and gratitude

If you really care about your property, you will soon discover that there is a huge difference among various cleaning and restoration methods as well as in the skill level of the person performing the work. Nowhere is this more evident than with roof cleaning and treatment. Because of this, All Surface Cleaning Company has pioneered some excellent methods for roof maintenance. Additionally, we have developed proprietary roof treatments for cedar, composition and tile roofs: CedarGuard, CompGuard and TileGuard.

What Customers Say 

“I was very pleased with the communication and the attention to detail.”
–Paul K., Portland

“We were really happy with the quality of work and the promptness of the response to any queries.”
–Rucci P., Tigard

“Just wanted to let you know that we were really impressed with your service and from all around, from the estimator to the workers to the secretary on the phone. Thanks again.”
–Amy W., Beaverton

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Family, Pet and Planet Friendly- Many of Our Deck, Gutter and Roof Cleaning Products are GREEN

Whenever possible, All Surface Cleaning uses the most environmentally friendly cleaning treatments available. These treatments help allow for the most gentle cleaning of roofs in the industry. No other company in the Portland Oregon area has access to our special formulas that carry some of the longest “moss free” warranties available. Be sure to ask your estimator for more information about these great roof cleaning options.

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