Top 5 Signs You Need to Have Your Gutters Repaired

Knowing the signs of a needed gutter repair can help prevent bigger, more expensive issues. Different signs point to various types of issues and distinct gutter repairs needed.  Sitting Water in Clean Gutters If you gutters have been recently cleaned and are mostly clear of debris yet water is sitting them, possibly even accumulating at the end away from the downspout, this is a sign of a mis-graded gutter. This can be the result of either a faulty initial installation of the gutters, interim damage, or possibly uneven settling of the structure itself. If the section of gutter is not excessively long or have too many corners between the primary point of sitting water and the downspout, it may be repairable. If room for adjustment is available, either one end needs raising or the other lowering.  However, if it is too long or too complex of a section, you are likely looking at need to replace the gutters.  In that situation, a second option to add an additional downspout at the site where the water accumulates might be considered.  Just make sure to plan where the drained water is to be directed because there likely won’t be a nearby underground drain.

Why Every Portland Homeowner Should Have a Roof Maintenance Plan

Two of the best reasons for having a formal roof maintenance plan are our natural inclination toward forgetfulness and procrastination.  First, we all seem to live busy lives these days. Before you know it, a year can easily pass with many chores undone. Our memories are getting taxed with a thousand different things on our “To Do” lists.  Honesty, how far up on your To Do list does your roof make it?  Likely, not very far.  While a roof isn’t necessarily out of sight, it easily becomes out of mind.  With so much on the line, it’s worth it to not risk forgetting having your roof periodically reviewed and maintained. Servicing a roof maintenance plan

Do Gutter Screens & Filters Work?

Wondering whether gutter screens, filters and covers actually work is a common question for anyone who regularly cleans or hires someone to clean their gutters.  The ultimate best answer to this question will depend on the asker’s expectations and perception of what a gutter protection system should accomplish.  To fully answer the question and show the reasons why different expectations might result in different answers, we will first do a quick review of the various types of gutter protection (screens, filters and covers.) Roll mesh screen

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you are going to go the effort of doing or hiring out some major outdoor cleaning jobs, you might as well do them at the right time of the year, and Spring certainly is the best. The first rule of thumb for outdoor cleaning is that you always want to start from top down.  It can be quite defeating to get a particular area looking great, just to have debris and grime from a surface above come down on in when it is subsequently cleaned.

Spring Deck Cleaning & Maintenance to Extend the Life of Your Deck

Spring Deck Cleaning & Maintenance Helps Your Deck Extend it’s Life Decks are one of the best areas of your home.  They get you outside more often.  Whether morning, mid-day or evening, decks can offer a nice spot to relax.  With the 2013 average cost of a deck addition in the western states being

Pressure Washing Services That Will Increase the Beauty (and Value) of Your Home

We bath ourselves, wash our cars and pets, and vacuum our carpets frequently.  Yet sometimes, we forget about cleaning the largest item most of us own – our house, specifically, it’s exterior.  Pressure washing is an excellent method for cleaning many of the surfaces around our home. Most exterior surfaces around your home respond well to being power washed.  With water commonly being shot out at between 1000 to 4000 psi, this type of washing offers a unique opportunity to clean deeper than simple hosing or manual brushing. Pressured washed fence – before and after

Customer Reviews Can Help Local Businesses Grow And Improve

Customer reviews can help local businesses in a variety of ways including bringing in new customers, helping build trust with potential clients, and also helping business owners identify possible problems within their business.  Reviews also help businesses know what they’re doing right so that they can keep customers happy.  All of these things can help business owners grow their business and improve day to day operations  giving customers a more satisfactory experience on a consistent basis and insuring the longevity of the business.

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